Fort Worth, TX

Extra Locksmith

Address: 911 N Sylvania Ave #180, Fort Worth, TX 76111

Business Hours: M-F: 7AM-11PM, SAT: 7AM-11PM, SUN: 8AM-6PM

Business Number: (817) 708-2232

License Number: B20625


Dallas, TX

Extra Locksmith

Address: 14902 Preston Rd #708 Dallas, TX, 75254

Business Hours: Mon – Sun 7:00am-11:00pm


Phone Number: (214) 484-4531

License Number: B20625A


Provo, UT

Extra Locksmith

Address: 10 East 300 North, Provo, UT 84606

Business Hours: Mon-Sun: 7AM-11PM

Business Phone Number: 801-852-5627

License Number: LCB201800310

Business URL:

Extra Locksmith Locations

We are a multi-state locksmith, servicing all of Fort Worth, Dallas, and most of Texas.  Also servicing Provo, Orem, and most of Utah. Check out all of our Extra Locksmith locations.  Call us or stop by one of our storefronts today!

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