Buzzer System Installation in Fort Worth

Extra Locksmith has state-of-the-art buzzer systems, allowing you to save time answering doorbells and opening doors to guests or employees. They are designed to allow or restrict access after identity verification. We can integrated them in your security system with intercom and surveillance cameras.

Basically, a buzzer system works by notifying you of a guest. Once you identify them, you can either allow or refuse them entry using a button or a remote control.

Our clients have a few common reasons for having a door buzzer system installed.

1. Buzzer systems offer convenience. You don’t have to walk to the door and ask who’s there.

2. They allow quick identification of guests. You know right away who’s at the door, whether they’re your friend, sister, or the mailman.

3. They offer additional security. As mentioned, they can be integrated in or installed together with your existing security system.

4. You can focus more on your work. You don’t have to leave your desk to open the door to employees when you can just press a button and allow them to walk in.

Professional Commercial Locksmith In Fort Worth

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Our licensed and experienced technicians handle buzzer system installation. They can come to your house and give you a demo on how door buzzer systems and intercoms work. They can give you advice on how to improve the security of your home.

Buzzer systems are not just for homes. Businesses and offices need advanced security systems more than ever before. The best commercial locksmith in Fort Worth has been working with numerous clients to secure their commercial establishments from unwanted intruders.

Our professional locksmiths have introduced different systems to clients. People have different security needs. Homes need a different assortment of security mechanisms from business and offices. Hence, it’s crucial that we know what the client’s circumstances are.

We encourage people in or nearby Fort Worth to contact us for questions. You can also visit our Fort Worth location or contact us by phone or email. Our staff is eager to answer your concerns and walk you through our installation procedure. Our locksmiths and technicians are ready to inspect your homes, commercial properties, or offices. They can also do buzzer system repair, in case you have an old, defective system.

Commercial Intercom System

If you need a simple yet reliable form of communication and an easy way to control access to your business or home, then intercom systems are the most effective and advanced technology available. At Extra Locksmith, we provide high quality Intercom system installation and professional Intercom repair in Fort Worth perfect for residences, institutions and businesses. Our company features high end intercom brands in the locksmith industry. Our intercom systems are in the most state of the art technology that provides high quality audio communication in all installed places. Our Professional Locksmiths are highly trained in intercom installation for commercial and residential use, which usually include video/audio components, connections through phone lines, as well as front door access control.

We assure you that our skilled team of Commercial locksmith service technicians will arrive on the site on time. They will help you decide which intercom system is best suited for your home, institution, or office. Our hardware is guaranteed to be highly functional, all our products are brand new, and our operative systems can completely cater any of your security and safety concerns. Our most trusted technicians are effective and efficient in the installation process and they will make sure that your intercom systems are properly installed. Our professional locksmiths will also give you a detailed instruction on how to use and take good care of your intercom system/s.

What You Should Expect From Us:

  • A wide selection of intercom systems to choose from
  • Accurate Intercom diagnosis in Fort Worth
  • Our technicians are all trained in the most advance technology and will teach you on how to use the system effectively
  • Installation of master stations and substations for complete intercom system control
  • Installation of door access control systems, audio intercom, and audio-video intercom
  • Wireless or wired systems depending on client’s preference, as well as the presence of existing wall strength and wiring
  • Maintenance after successful installation and detailed instruction regarding the correct usage of intercom system
  • Weather resistant outdoor stations when necessary

Typically, wireless systems are the most preferred intercom system nowadays. However, if a wired system is otherwise needed, the installation usually differs. Wired intercom systems are installed via phone wire and a dialup connection. All wiring is then hidden under floor joints and through walls so that no loose wires will be hanging around. Good thing our highly skilled technicians are experienced with this kind of intercom system installation. Because of that, we assure you that we can offer the Best Locksmith service in Fort Worth.

To know more about Extra Locksmiths affordable locksmith services, you can visit our store front at 911 N Sylvania Ave #180 Fort Worth and let us help you find the best intercom system for your property.

Commercial Digital Lock Installation

Extra Locksmith has provided the highest quality Commercial Locksmith Services in Fort Worth for many years. Our proven history, credentials, and convenient store front location in Fort Worth make us your number one resource for keys, locks and security systems. With total dedication and accurate timeframes to solving your unique security issues, Extra Locksmith delivers the best repair and installation services in the state. We assure you that our locksmiths are highly trained and well experienced when it comes to providing the best locksmith services in Fort Worth. As a matter of fact, we have a lot of property management companies that rely on our professional Commercial Locksmith Services to manage their key systems, computer generated master key systems, emergency rekeys, as well as Digital Lock Installation and Repair.

High security locks like commercial digital locks improve your property’s security and safety with features like avoidance to drilling, forcing and picking. These improved security measures make the Digital Lock Installation more challenging. When you need installation or service for a high security digital lock, you need the Best Commercial Locksmith like Extra Locksmith.

5 Things You Need to Know When Getting a Digital Door Lock

1. Battery Powered

Digital door locks still work during blackouts. This is contrary to what many people think and one of the main hesitations most people have when planning to switch to digital door locks since most digital door locks work on batteries. Most digital door lock system also has a warning light that lights up when the battery reaches its critical levels.

2. Installation Help is Important

Digital locks need professional help in installation. Not every gate or door will fit each digital door lock model. That’s why a Professional Lock Installation is essential. Good thing our locksmiths are all trained and experienced to give you the best Professional Locksmith Service in Fort Worth.

3. Extra Locksmith is Just a Call Away

We come with a free hotline so there’s nothing to fear when your digital door lock seems not to work well. Call us now and enjoy our excellent customer care service.

4. The Start of Automation

They can be integrated to an automation system. With the use of a high end controlling technology, your digital door lock can be accessed straight from your phone application. Moreover, your sensors, security devices, cameras as well as other home automation can also be linked to this hub.

5. Security Booster

Digital locks are much safer than normal locks. Most digital door lock brands come with an alarm system that activates when intruders try to break in. There’s also the faked pin function that identifies your pin code after random numbers have been tried so that nobody can be able to steal your pin. In addition, digital door locks come with a touch screen keypad without mechanical buttons, which makes it hard to trace your pin code.

If you’re searching for an experienced locksmith in Fort Worth, who is knowledgeable about almost all security systems and locking mechanisms, you have found it. Extra Locksmith has a professional team of technicians that have proved their usefulness through providing effective and efficient locksmith services. Our reliable locksmiths are trained professionals, updated about the major lock brands available in the market and they are able to provide high quality services with the use of our latest locksmith technology.

For affordable Digital Lock Installation and Repair in Fort Worth, Call Extra Locksmith Now!

Commercial Keypad & Card Access

Electronic security has become a thing of the 21st Century. More and more people are seeking the benefits of such a technological gift to crime prevention. We at Extra Locksmith know this crucial development in residential and commercial security. Using a keypad for high-tech security is an innovation that makes securing property easier and more effective.

Do you need electronic access control?

Most of the clients who seek keypad and card access installation are business owners seeking to add a whole new way of securing offices, stock rooms, or laboratories. Growing businesses need greater and more sophisticated security facilities.

Electronic access control is not a new thing and doesn’t entirely replace traditional access control mechanisms. However, its popularity has steadily risen in the past several years, and it’s no longer just for big companies.

Like any form of standard security measures, using keypad and card access have two chief components: identification and authorization.

Extra Locksmith knows that one of the aims of an access control system is to secure your store, office, or building from unauthorized access. Electronic card access controls the movement of people within your premises. That is the whole point of automated identification and authorization. You don’t have to identify and authorize people on your own. Thus, it minimizes distraction. You can focus on your tasks, and you don’t have to worry about anyone coming into rooms they are not supposed to go. Electronic access also minimizes human errors in judgment.

We have technicians on the line who can answer questions and explain why access control is very important.

The reasons you may consider keypads and card readers to allow or deny someone access may be at least one of the following:


This is the topmost reason certain rooms are off-limits to unauthorized people. When key documents and prized possessions must be protected from theft, illicit duplication, and vandalism, they must be secured in areas with only selective access.

The anti-crime component of access control is of major relevance. Security challenges continue to become more advanced and should be dealt with in more sophisticated means.


For instance, you cannot allow non-sterile personnel into hygienic or sterile labs. Certain places in a factory or production facilities should not be open to anyone to avoid contamination or exposure to hazardous substances.

Fort Worth Extra Locksmiths understand electronic access involving keypads and cards is not just for businesses but also for laboratories, industrial facilities, and public or private offices.

Extra Locksmith prides itself in installing different types of commercial access control systems. Some of the most commonly used are as follows:

  • Intruder detection systems
  • Gate/door entry systems
  • Biometric scanners
  • Video surveillance systems

If you are interested in learning more about keypad and card access in Fort Worth, don’t hesitate to dial our digits. Or you can stop by our store location to receive more information.

An electronic lock system relies on proper installation for seamless function. The goal is to reduce, if not eliminate, chances of glitches in the future. Thus, the job cannot be left for inexperienced people. Our Expert Locksmith can assist you if you have concerns and queries regarding electronic keypad installation. The right locksmith can install electronic locks or do electronic keypad repair for botched jobs.

Now let’s talk about key advantages. While the conventional key-and-lock combo remains a relevant tool to keep residential and commercial properties safe, there is nothing wrong with adding modern technology to the convention. We asked our clients who chose electronic keypads, and the following were their responses.

  1. You don’t need to carry a key. If you rely solely on an electronic keypad to open that deadbolt, then you don’t need to keep a key in your pocket or purse. That also means you don’t need to worry about losing your keys.

You also don’t need to keep a spare key. Most homeowners like hiding spare keys somewhere on their property so that they have something to use if they lose their keys. That’s why clever criminals search around for an idle key. With an electronic key, you won’t have to worry about that.

Your loved ones won’t need duplicate keys as well. You can allow trusted people entry to your home or property. All you need to do is give them the code, which you can change anytime you wish. Our Fort Worth locksmith can help you with that.

Electronic keypads mean convenience and security combined. Visit us at 911 N Sylvania Avenue #180, Fort Worth, Texas. You can also dial our number if you have questions or if you want to talk to one of our locksmiths.

Commercial Electronic Keypad

Electronic Keypad: Keyless Security in Fort Worth

Electronic keypads are common features of keyless door locks, which have soared in popularity. Electronic locks used to be only for cars, high-class facilities, and commercial establishments. Extra Locksmith is here to give you and your family added security to put your mind at ease.

You probably have several reasons for choosing these modern security options. Perhaps, you realize that burglars have new ways of getting around old locks, and you feel the need upgrade home security. Hotels are a common user of Keypad Lock Systems. Apartment owners have chosen electronic security systems as well. If you’re wondering whether electronic security is appropriate for you, you can talk to our professional locksmiths at Extra Locksmiths for they take pride in serving the city of Fort Worth.

One of the obvious reasons for the shift to keyless security is its easy integration into our digital life. There has been an explosion of digital gadgets in the recent years, and the strongest selling point of these gadgets is convenience. Everyone wants convenience. Imagine not having to rummage in your bag for keys. Why look for keys when you can just key in the digits to unlock your front door?

For a growing number of clients, electronic security is a smart choice. Nonetheless, we can attest that electronic keypads don’t replace conventional locks entirely. Depending on your circumstances, we may even recommend a more reliable security system that’s a mix of electronic and conventional locks.