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We all know that a common key can be reproduced in thousands without proof of ownership or restrictions. You’ll never truly know who can access your commercial building or even your home.

If you want to be assured of having complete control over the distribution of keys to your business, all you need is a trusted Commercial Locksmith in Fort Worth. Extra Locksmith can provide you an ingenious patented design lock, providing full protection technology against the unauthorized reproduction of keys.

Extra Locksmith can provide you with high quality locks from high end manufacturers to give you peace of mind by offering High Security Lock Installation for commercial, institutional, industrial and residential solutions. Our professional locksmiths in Fort Worth offer overall convenience, security, and safety you desire. A wide range of state of the art products are also available including cylinder locks, deadbolts, padlocks, locks for cabinets, and more.

With the certainty of being well-protected against picking, bumping and drilling, business owners won’t have to worry about intrusion risks anymore. For maximum protection against break-ins, you should not settle for less. Always choose High Security Lock Repair service from the Best locksmith in Fort Worth. Extra Locksmith is here to ensure you are completely secure.

For maximum security, you can purchase a high security lock from a Professional locksmith in Fort Worth instead of changing your locks on a regular basis. This cost-effective method doesn’t only provide your business with the best security, but it can also:

  • Eliminate worry of staff when it comes to duplicating keys at hardware stores or locksmiths
  • Prevents locks from picking by potential burglars
  • Provides an efficient key control management system
  • Ensures no other common keys will fit your lock

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Seriousness of Security

The security of your business is very important. With the help of our High Security lock service, there’s no need for you to worry anymore. Extra Locksmith is conveniently located at 911 N Sylvania Ave #180 Fort Worth or call us anytime to discuss your locksmith needs and we will send you a reliable analysis and guaranteed key control.

Don’t let your business or organization fall victim to burglary. Instead, you should protect it with the help of a reliable locksmith. Let the professional and highly trained technicians of Extra Locksmith install the most advanced high security lock on the market for you.

To know more about our affordable locksmith services, visit our store front or call us now!

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