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Switching to Master Key System? Let Extra Locksmith Help You!

When it comes to commercial safety and security needs, keys are the most crucial. How many keys do you need? How do you distribute and manage the keys? Should employees be able to access all areas of the commercial building? What are your security risks?

These are all common questions that confront property managers, landlords, body corporates, business owners and the like when assessing their security and keying requirements.

At Extra Locksmith, we understand that you keep on facing the same complex issues all over again. Due to this, we suggest you should go for a professional Master Key Creation.

Master Key System Overview

A Master Key System consists of a hierarchy of keys as well as a few locks and cylinders that allow individual key holders or different groups to gain access to specifically designated or even all areas of a building.

Simply put, a master keyed lock is designed to be opened by certain individual keys, but can also be accessed with the use of a master key. This system is a perfect solution for your business. If you need a highly satisfactory Commercial Locksmith, Extra Locksmith is just a call away.

Benefits of a Master Key System

Master key systems offer so many benefits. However, the most crucial one is that access can be totally controlled while allowing appropriate people access to certain parts of the building. Other benefits of master key system include:

Other residential options include LED peephole viewers, intercom systems, gate access control, as well as biometric locks. Your home should always be protected from unwanted intrusion. That’s why Affordable Access Control system together with CCTV is the best combination to ensure the safety of your loved ones.

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A master key system (also called as restricted system), use security key blanks that are specifically designed keys and can only be copied or obtained from the Locksmith Company that designed the system

Locks are more secure and safe since the restricted key-way reduces chances of accidental opening using the wrong key

People can have access to more doors with the use of a minimum number of keys

Restricted security key blanks are design registered or patent protected. Therefore, key manufacturers are not allowed to reproduce copies of that specific design

A master key is a dynamic entity and as your organization or business changes, a well-planned master key should be able to adapt to constantly changing requirements

It’s easy to keep and maintain accurate records of keys and who holds them when you use master key system, eliminating the possibility of key duplication being made without authorization

Why You Should Choose Extra Locksmith

With many years of experience, Extra Locksmith is known to offer the Best Locksmith Pricing in Fort Worth, providing prompt, reliable and professional services.

Our team of Professional locksmiths is all innovative and ethical providing best security for home and business owners. Unlike DIY solutions purchased from chain stores, our locksmiths completely understand the performance of all kinds of security and can recommend and install the best solution to all your locksmith needs especially when it comes to installation or repair of master key system, so you can really feel that your business or organization is secured at all times.

For a reliable and client satisfactory Locksmith service in Fort Worth, feel free to visit our storefront at 911 N Sylvania Ave #180 Fort Worth today!

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