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Push Bar Installation

With many years of experience, Extra Locksmith is known to offer the Best Locksmith Pricing in DFW, providing prompt, reliable and professional services.

Our team of Professional locksmiths is all innovative and ethical providing best security for home and business owners. Unlike DIY solutions purchased from chain stores, our locksmiths completely understand the performance of all kinds of security and can recommend and install the best solution to all your locksmith needs especially when it comes to installation or repair of master key system, so you can really feel that your business or organization is secured at all times.

Panic Bar Lock Services

If you are looking for a professional locksmith to install a commercial emergency exit panic bar in Dallas & Fort Worth area. Trust our experts to assist you. Extra Locksmith has many years of experience installing push bars. Every business needs a high level of protection and our well-trained locksmiths are the ones you can depend on!  Our locksmiths are here to give you a quality inspection and provide you with the appropriate products for your business. Call the professionals at Extra Locksmith today and let us take a look at your door!

Another important feature of our services is they are adjustable. It’s hard to imagine a singular package of services, not especially when, in this case, for instance, there are different types of panic bars. It’s hard to imagine a small store using the same hardware as a huge warehouse. Another issue is preference, something we always value. Bars come in different finishes and sizes. They also have varying features. Any professional locksmith at Extra Locksmith can do a demo or explain these important differences to our clients. We know for a fact that different establishments have unique needs.

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Panic Bar Installation

Panic bar installation entails considerations, involving choosing your locksmith and putting durable hardware in place. Our professional locksmiths can walk you through the installation process.

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires buildings to have emergency exits equipped panic bars. OSHA has certain guidelines for panic bars and doors. Emergency doors should be easily opened from inside without a key. The hardware should meet the standards. These are some of the details people miss when installing panic bars on their own or when contracting inexperienced people for the job.

One of our priorities when setting up safety features is to ensure the features work and have no glitches. Eliminating chances of glitches is possible through thorough installation and use of high-grade, durable hardware. This is an important component of Extra Locksmith’s vision, to deliver DFW commercial locksmith service that does not only make people secure but also puts their safety in mind.

panic bar installation

A commercial locksmith working with clients should be able to explain the role of security and fire alarm systems in overall building safety. Integration of panic bars in the overall safety and security system is already a common practice. Having mechanisms that override security locks can be the difference between life and death during dire circumstances.

Crash Bar, Push Bar, Panic Bar Repair & Installation

Because strict regulations are set for all public commercial buildings that mandate emergency exit doors and fire exit routes. This means it should remain properly maintained and clean at all times. In case of fire, it is important that people can easily find an emergency exit door without delay.

Here at Extra Locksmith, our locksmiths understand these strict regulations!  Also, we can repair, service all emergency exit doors.

Emergency exit doors are tailored for easy operation and allow for an easier exit.  With the use of a push bar or panic bar mechanism. We know It’s vital that these remain in good working condition at all times! in order for it to operate properly in case an emergency situation occurs. In addition, emergency exit doors must be clearly marked and easier to follow with the appropriate lighting. It is always a good idea to check your signage at least every six months and make sure it meets current regulations. If you have any type of emergency exit door malfunction and need quality and fast emergency exit door services, don’t hesitate to call us today, we can help!

Affordable Panic Bar Installation and Replacement

We specialize in emergency exit door panic bar installation, replacement, and repair. Our highly experienced and trained commercial locksmiths are always prepared with the necessary tools and equipment, plus strong knowledge in the locksmith industry to give you the best commercial locksmith services in Dallas. We make sure that you can count on us not only for your emergency exit door services but also for all kinds of commercial locksmith services required for your business or any other commercial establishment.

Our locksmiths can help by supplying, installing, and servicing a wide range of emergency exit door panic bars. Our friendly team of professional locksmiths can advise you on what best fits your business requirements and can offer assistance every step of the way. We provide free quotes for panic bar installations because there are so many different options. A locksmith technician will go over everything with you from the different brands to different qualities. We want to make sure you are satisfied and that you get the right panic bar that meets your buildings security needs and your budget. 

Also, a panic bar or push bar can be installed on any door you desire, not just on the emergency exit door. Panic bars work by pushing a bar in order to release the latch and open the door also, are very secure. They are great for big commercial buildings that have a large number of people entering the building. If you are interested in installing or replacing a panic in your commercial property, call or stop today. We will be happy to answer all your questions and set up a time for a free estimate. 

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