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It’s frustrating when you are about to drive to your office and realize that you don’t have your car keys. You search throughout the house but eventually run out of luck.  It might be time to call a Garland locksmith. Imagine taking the over-congested public transport. You may get drenched in sweat by the time you reach your office. The first thing to do in this situation is to find a locksmith in Garland, Texas, who can make a set of duplicate keys for your car. At Extra Locksmith, we’re only one call away from providing our professional assistance.

We understand that losing your car keys can cause you to panic. You constantly keep thinking about whether your car is safe and how quickly you can get the new keys in your hand. Well, one option that you have is to talk to the car dealer. The dealer will provide a set of new keys, but they usually have a long turnaround time.

Moreover, their service charges are way higher than ours. Extra Locksmith ensures two things: instant service and pocket-friendly prices. We don’t take advantage of your helplessness just to earn a few extra bucks. Our vision is to help as many people as possible without charging a fortune. Therefore, if you require the best automotive locksmith services in Garland, Texas, we would request you to contact us. We assure you that our quick service and affordable pricing won’t disappoint you. In fact, you may recommend us to your friends, colleagues, and relatives if they ever face car emergencies like getting locked out of their car or damaging their ignition.

Locksmith In Garland Texas

People usually call us when there is an emergency. Whether you lose your car keys, break the car keys, or accidentally lock yourself in the car – we are always ready to help you. Panicking won’t help. Instead, you should calm down, call us, and give us your location. We can track down your address using our GPS and reach your location within a few minutes. Next, we inspect the problem and immediately come up with a solution.

For example, if the key has broken inside the ignition lock, we first note down the make and model of your car. This helps us to scour through the right tools as not every car has the same type of lock. Once we figure out the problem, it doesn’t take much time to solve it. We don’t take time like your car dealer to make a set of duplicate keys or pick the broken key out of the ignition lock. To us, your time is the most valuable thing. Therefore, we try to fix the problem as soon as possible so that you can go back to driving your car again.

Some of the car locksmith services that we provide are as follows:

Evan HortonEvan Horton
02:15 15 Oct 22
Rodolfo was awesome. Worked to meet the best price estimate I could get!
Cody-Ann McHayleCody-Ann McHayle
16:49 21 Sep 22
Fast service and Courteous staff. I’m very grateful for your professionalism.
David LewisDavid Lewis
02:52 07 Aug 22
Fast lock replacements and the work was very clean. They didn't chip or scratch any paint or anything while replacing the locks, thank you for the clean work so my door still looks brand new!
Spencer BurnettSpencer Burnett
02:48 05 Aug 22
Saved the family trip after we lost our key while out! Extra locksmith was there in no time and gave us a price we just couldnt refuse. Thank you again for helping me and my family to be able to enjoy the rest of our vacation.
Ernest GarciaErnest Garcia
02:25 03 Aug 22
Fast spare key make. They even programed it very fast
Eric PetersonEric Peterson
00:09 30 Jul 22
Easy locksmiths to understand, no hidden fees with them and great work. Thank you!
Christian HollieChristian Hollie
20:05 27 Jul 22
Fast service, easy to work with, and very reliable. They gave me a great price on my new key and came out within the hour. I highly recommend them to anyone who is in need of any locksmith services.
Yasmin FayzYasmin Fayz
22:31 14 Jul 22
Very fast, affordable price. Amazing customer service from Dean, even helped start car!
Mohammed FayzMohammed Fayz
22:29 14 Jul 22
Deen was amazing technician who got us the best and fast service we was worth all the money I paid
Seth CainSeth Cain
19:45 23 Jun 22
Barry helped me out with my ignition! I couldn’t get my steering wheel lock to budge so he came out and had it fixed in less than 30 min, very efficient and kind.
Jonathan KucheraJonathan Kuchera
14:02 20 Jun 22
Though the locksmith ran later than I was hoping, the company was happy to contact me and listen to my feedback. I appreciate a business that is able to understand something was wrong and thrive to fix it rather than ignoring it.I hope I don't have to use them again, but if I lock myself out of my car again, I will definitely give them a second chance.
John Mark LeeJohn Mark Lee
18:48 19 Jun 22
Locksmith phone goes to a call center. They send out random locksmiths not the one you called. I called needing someone. Wait time was 30 min. Then I called back after I found someone faster. The guy showed up anyways and wouldn’t leave until I paid him $19 for showing up after I cancelled. He wouldn’t leave. Threatened me with collections. I Called call center again complaining and they gave me my money back. Be careful of these locksmith scammers.
Jose BarbozaJose Barboza
20:17 27 Apr 22
Rob Was professional and Unlocked my truck with in 10 minutes ! Would definately recomend!!!
Katelynn DeleonKatelynn Deleon
22:37 29 Mar 22
Michael was nice and helped me get into my car quickly
Janet DiazJanet Diaz
11:30 28 Mar 22
Ashley went above and beyond with my service. She gave me extra keys even though I originally did not ask for the service. She was quick and very smart. I absolutely will use her service again in the future.
Roger BryantRoger Bryant
15:28 24 Mar 22
Phenomenal work by these guys. They're professional and very skilled. I will use them again in the future.
David LambertDavid Lambert
21:16 23 Mar 22
Michael Tal did a great job drilling my lock for my storage unit. On time and worked fast.
Anna DavisAnna Davis
11:03 23 Mar 22
Dave was very skilled! He came to my business and did a key extraction, which looked very complicated. He was so quick at correcting the issue at hand and I was able to get into my shop before operating hours which really saved me money and the hassle. I will keep them as my business locksmith. I highly recommend Extra Locksmith.
Alonzo WeberAlonzo Weber
16:13 21 Mar 22
Eli is THE BEST technician I've ever come across. He is honest, trusting, and extremely knowledgeable. I highly recommend him and any of the other Extra Locksmith locations. Great company with good morals.
Lisa BellLisa Bell
12:38 22 Feb 22
Very affordable, would recommend and I may be having them come out to my parents house to have them take a look at some locks.
Michael BallMichael Ball
00:27 21 Feb 22
The service was very quick and my man David from extra locksmith helped me get into my car in less than 30seconds. It happened so quick I was amazed,
Meg DicksonMeg Dickson
22:13 13 Feb 22
Michael was very helpful and quick with helping me out. Would recommend!
Dakota BakerDakota Baker
00:04 25 Jan 22
Great with meeting up on time and staying professional. Great deal and would always come back again
Chrissy bChrissy b
23:23 16 Jan 22
Michael was very fast and professional. I recommend!
Lovelyn TanyiLovelyn Tanyi
16:12 14 Dec 21
The manager is very good and understanding.his customer service is very good and I will recommend him.
Rashad RaoofRashad Raoof
04:09 29 Jun 20
Daniel helped to make a key for acura 2003 TL at the middle of night. He's very pros. I wouldn't go back home if he wasn't coming to help me. I am definitely recommending this company to you all. Outstanding satisfaction!

New lock installation

Installing a new lock in your car can give it an added layer of security from prying eyes. If you are suspicious that someone is keeping an eye on your car and don’t trust your old car keys, then it’s better to install a new lock. Although installing new locks take more time than making new keys, we assure you that we can finish the job on the same day. However, you need to mention your car’s make, model, and manufacturing year when you call us. We will come equipped with the right tools to ensure that it doesn’t take much time to install the lock.

The biggest challenge with installing new locks is that different cars have different types of locking systems. But we love challenges. Over the years, our track record proves how efficient we are at dealing with new car models. Therefore, don’t think that your latest BMW or Mercedes will be out of our league. We can and we will install a new lock even in the latest models of the most renowned car brands.

Dead Bolt
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Emergency lockouts

Suppose you have a lot of bags to take out from the car, and you accidentally locked the car with the keys inside. Even though you can see the keys, you can’t do anything. You may want to break one of the windows to reach out and grab the keys, but it’s not a cost-effective solution. Breaking the window would mean spending on a brand-new glass. Calling us would be much cheaper than changing the glass of the window. We have had plenty of emergency lockout situations in the past, and it took us only a few minutes to come to the rescue of our clients.

Many people get so angry when they lock themselves out of their cars that they want to break in and get the keys at any cost. We advise you not to indulge in such activities. It will not only damage your car but you may also injure yourself. On the other hand, if you call us, it will hardly take one of our locksmiths to arrive at your location and fix the problem.

Repair car locks

Sometimes, the lock of your car doesn’t work as smoothly as before. Regular wear and tear take a toll on the lock and you may notice that you have to put extra pressure to turn the key. It is better not to put too much pressure on the lock as you may damage it permanently. If you call us, we can thoroughly inspect the lock. Our latest tools allow us to identify which part of the lock requires fine-tuning. Accordingly, we repair the lock to make it work like brand new.

In some cases, where the car lock is beyond repair, or the cost of repair is similar to the price of a new lock, we recommend customers to replace the lock. We can source the new lock on your behalf and install it.

Ford Key Duplication
Ignition Repair

Ignition key problems

Suppose you are driving your grandfather’s Ford truck. Although it does its job, you know that it can break down any day. Unfortunately, one time you are in a hurry and you turn the ignition so hard that the key breaks. You have half the key in your hand and the other half inside the ignition lock. It’s a terrible situation and you don’t know what to do. You try to pick the lock with a pin but it doesn’t work. It won’t work because you need specialized tools to pick broken keys from ignition locks. Let us take care of the situation while you relax.

Our experienced locksmiths can slowly pick the broken key out from the ignition lock using sharp tools. Since the key is already broken, we will also make a new key. Additionally, we also clean the ignition lock so that the new key will work smoothly. The locksmith will test the new key several times before leaving your property to ensure that there is nothing wrong with the lock or key.

Duplicate keys

This is the most common reason why Garland residents call us. Making duplicate car keys is a matter of only a few minutes for us. We request you to mention your car’s make and model when you call us. It doesn’t matter whether you have lost your car keys accidentally or want to keep a spare set of keys for emergency purposes; we guarantee that it won’t take more than thirty minutes to make new ones.

We suggest that you keep two sets of keys for your car: one for regular use and one for emergency cases. Our service charges are much lower than what your dealer would ask for. Moreover, we don’t take days to make a new key. As already mentioned, our latest tools are so advanced that it hardly takes us a few minutes to make new keys for your car.

Key for Duplication
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Why Extra Locksmith?

Although there are other locksmiths in Garland, Texas, here are a few reasons why we stand out from the rest.Although there are other locksmiths in Garland, Texas, here are a few reasons why we stand out from the rest.

  •  COVID-friendly – We follow the relevant protocols in Garland, Texas while working. Our locksmiths will wear masks, gloves, and face shields to prevent spreading or contracting the COVID-19 virus. Additionally, they will sanitize the parts of your car where they worked before leaving.
  • Instant service – We don’t make our customers wait. It doesn’t matter whether you call us at midnight or during the first hours of the morning. We will reach your location in the quickest possible time to fix the problem.
  • Certified locksmiths – We have a team of experienced, licensed, and certified locksmiths who know how to handle the latest tools in the industry. Their experience is crucial to providing high-quality services that ensure that our customers are happy with us.
  • Latest tools – As already mentioned, we don’t like to waste the precious time of our customers. That’s why we only use the latest tools available because they help us identify the problem with your car lock and key, thus allowing us to fix them quickly. 

Losing your car keys or locking yourself out may seem frustrating, but it’s wise not to panic. Instead, you should keep our contact number, 1-214-484-4531, on speed dial so that we can come to your rescue as soon as possible regardless of where you are in Garland, Texas.

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