Like the name implies, we are a locksmith company that specializes in entry systems like locks, door knobs, as well as other security features. Aside from locks and keys, modern locksmiths like Extra Locksmith usually offer much more technologically advanced and state of the art products. Ranging from burglar alarm systems, residential fire, closed circuit TV monitoring systems, digital access systems, and remote keyless entry fobs for cars.
While most homeowners believe that they seldom need the services of a locksmith, it’s important that you know a local locksmith company that you can contact right away whenever you’re in an emergency lockout situation.
In most cases, it is relatively easy to simply shop around for a locksmith company when you need to change your lock. However, it might be a different story when you’re in an emergency. Before you are ever locked out of your vehicle or home, you should be able to find a reputable and professional locksmith company that you can wholeheartedly trust. It is much easier to be taken advantage of when you need immediate help.
It is a major concern breaking a key, being locked out, or needing a lock changed quickly. They are just a few of the lock issues everyone will face at some point. If you happen to experience these problems, do not try to fix them yourself. Here are some great reasons on why it is important and valuable to hire a professional locksmith service.
· They are highly trained
· They are bonded and insured
· They keep your property safe
· They help you in any emergency

If you are locked out of your business, vehicle or home, it can be frustrating and sometimes even dangerous. The reality is, locks do malfunction and sometimes when messing with malfunctioned locks it may cause them to stop working all together and keys may get stuck or broken inside. When you call Extra Locksmith, our team of professional technicians will be able to see and analyze the problem, as well as immediately come up with a solution.