Jeep Locksmith Service

Need a Jeep Locksmith?  After a long workday, you reached out into your pockets but your Jeep car keys are gone! It’s a hot Texas day and you are stuck outside without car keys. Call Extra Locksmith right away for your Jeep Key Services! We are your first choice for emergency Jeep car door unlocking, Jeep key replacement, Jeep ignition repair and more. Car owners at Fort Worth, & Dallas TX count on us to take care of all their Jeep Key Services. We have cutting-edge technology and we know our way around Jeep’s anti-theft technology. For all your Jeep Key Services in Fort Worth, rely on Extra Locksmith to get the job done.

Best Automotive Locksmith for Jeep Cars

Jeep car owners deserves the most efficient and speedy Jeep automotive locksmith service, and that’s exactly what we deliver. Time is money that’s why we offer the most reliable Jeep car key services that won’t take your time and won’t hurt your pocket. Extra Locksmith is your provider of Jeep key and ignition service at minimal cost. Should you lost all your Jeep keys, your dealer will just arrange to have your car towed. You will also wait for a week or two just to have your Jeep fob key and remote start unit replaced by your dealer. Such a hassle! If you don’t want this to happen to you, call us at Extra Locksmith in Fort Worth, TX. We will take care of all your Jeep Key and Ignition concerns. 

Top-notch Jeep Automotive Locksmith Key Services

Fort Worth, TX residents breathe a sigh of relief and break into a smile as soon as they see our mobile locksmith van. Most locksmiths can cut you a key, but only Extra Locksmith knows Jeep car lock security. We are able to provide key replacements and fobs, unlock your vehicle and even fix ignitions. We know Jeep cars best and provide affordable, quality service. The service that we are offering will save you from worries and headaches. Whenever you need to get things done quick, call us. At Extra Locksmith Services, we do hassle-free Jeep automotive locksmith service. With us, there is no need to wait for days just to have your Jeep keys cut and programmed. Just call us right away for immediate Jeep Key Service or call to schedule your appointment. 

Best Automotive Locksmith Service for Jeep Cars in Fort Worth, TX

Losing your Jeep car keys is one expensive mistake. Not with us! We offer transparent and reasonable pricing for all our Fort Worth, TX Jeep locksmith services. Other locksmiths can rip you off with hundreds of bucks, but we offer exact standard prices. Call us for an over the phone estimate. Give us an idea of your problem and we’ll give you a workable price range right on the spot. Choose a company that cares about you and your time. Whenever you are choosing a locksmith to replace your Jeep fob, transponder key, and Jeep keyless remote start, you must look for a company with a proven track record and excellent customer feedbacks. At Extra Locksmith, we have grown our numbers through repeat business. Through word of mouth and loyal customers, we became the go-to automotive locksmith for Jeep car owners at Fort Worth, TX.






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Jeep Key Duplication

An extra Jeep spare key is like an insurance. Knowing that you have another Jeep car key that will work just like the original will save you time and money. With Extra Locksmith, you can have top-notch service and expert Jeep locksmith advice all in one visit. With us, you can have the same quality of fobs and key duplicates just like your dealer, but at a reasonable price. Our Jeep Key Duplication Service in Fort Worth is just a phone call away. Looking to duplicate a specific transponder key or Jeep Fob? Call us and we can help. Depending on the type of Jeep you have, you can call us for a price quote over the phone. For Fort Worth Jeep Key Duplication, stop by our store location and an expert technician will make you a copy of your jeep key. If you have a transponder key or fob, we will be able to do on site programming to have your new duplicate key working to your vehicle. 

Best Jeep Key Duplication in Fort Worth, TX

Jeep car owners in Fort Worth, TX count on us to duplicate their Jeep car transponder keys right at their home or in our store location. Should you happen to need another spare set of Jeep car keys, you can count on us. We have in-house stock of keys and fobs for most makes and models of Jeep cars. We take pride in giving efficient and honest Fort Worth Jeep car key service that is a step above what our competitors can ever offer. With the most advance key cutting and programming machines, our expert technicians will be able to make you a duplicate Jeep key in store or on site. Jeep key duplication service can take just a few minutes of your time. Depending on if the key needs to be just cut, or cut and programmed, we can get it ready for you as quickly as possible. Just a few minutes of your day can save you from future headaches in the case that you lose your key or lock yourself out of your vehicle. To learn more about our Jeep Key Duplication Service, call us today or stop by our store. 

Jeep Key Replacement Service

Replacement Jeep Key in Fort Worth, TX

There are various reasons for needing a replacement Jeep key. Our highly trained technicians are capable of creating a transponder key, regular key, or fob key for your Jeep, even if you don’t have one. Whether your original key was lost, damaged, or is simply no longer working, call us today so we can help. Depending on the type of Jeep you have there are different ways to make a replacement key. Our technicians have all the knowledge and expertise in order to make you a Jeep replacement key. When on site at the location of the vehicle, a technician will determine the most efficient method to creating your replacement Jeep key and make sure everything is taken care of for you. So when you need a Jeep Key Replacement in Fort Worth, there is no need to stress. Call us for immediate service or to schedule an appointment. 

Top-rated Jeep Replacement Key Service in Fort Worth, TX

Save our number for emergencies. It’s good to know that you can always call Extra Locksmith for your Jeep car lock and key replacement emergencies. We provide Fort Worth Jeep car key services that is a cut above the rest. We are faster than your dealer and definitely cheaper. We have the technology to cut your keys precisely and we can do it fast. Jeep car owners, like you, are our priority at Extra Locksmith. Who are you going to call when you are locked out and can’t find your Jeep fob keys around? There is only one company that you can call to give you fast and reasonably-priced Jeep key replacement service in Fort Worth, TX. When you use us for your Jeep key replacement, you can expect affordable prices. Before any job, a technician will go over the break down costs and what needs to be done in order to make you a key. Without your approval, we aren’t allowed to start a job. We want all our customers to be well informed before we start any work. Your satisfaction is important to us, which is why we provide you with upfront pricing and top rated service.


If your jeep comes with an advance fob or push to start system and you need locksmith service, you have come to the right place. Whether you need a duplicate, replacement or need to reprogram your Jeep fob, we are the locksmiths to turn to. With the most advance tools and equipment, we are able to take care of any service you may need for you Jeep Fob or push to start. With the security system in vehicles advancing and many people now having key fobs, it is important to go with a trusted locksmith who is licensed and insured. Our locksmiths take pride in their work and know their way around Jeep’s advanced technology that’s why we are a step above our competitor. With Extra Locksmith in Fort Worth, you can be sure you are always receiving the highest quality service. All our technicians are licensed professionals to meet the needs of your Jeep fob or remote. Questions concerning our Jeep Fob and push to start service, give us a call today. 

Reliable Fob and Remote Service for Jeep Cars

Trust to us your Jeep car if you don’t want to wait and to spend hundreds of bucks at your local dealership. We carry a variety of different fobs and remotes for Jeep vehicles in stock. In addition, if you need a replacement Jeep fob, our technicians are mobile and equipped with a plentiful stock of fobs and remotes. Trust a professional locksmith, like Extra Locksmith, for Jeep fob and remote service in Fort Worth. We will make sure your fob is working properly for your vehicle to function. Think you need a locksmith because your Jeep fob stopped working? Call us today and we can help. A technician will come to your location, if needed, to make sure you have a working fob made for you. For immediate assistance with Jeep fobs or if you have questions, please give us a call at 817-708-2232. 


Jeep Ignition Replacement in Fort Worth

Extra Locksmith in Fort Worth is your professional locksmith for Jeep Ignition Service in Fort Worth. Your vehicle’s ignition may be one of the most important parts of your vehicle. After all, your ignition is what starts your car so you can be on your way. If you Jeep is having ignition problems, give us a call so we can send a technician out there to take a look at the problem. There are many reasons to call a locksmith or ignition concerns. If your key isn’t turning in the ignition, if your key is stuck or broke in the ignition, or even if you turn the key and the connection in the ignition switch is faulty. These are a few reasons that you may need a Jeep Ignition replacement service. 

When you choose Extra Locksmith for your Jeep Ignition Service, you will always receive top quality service. Our expert ignition specialist will be able to diagnose the problem and either repair or replace the Jeep ignition. They will first determine the root of the problem, whether it’s the ignition cylinder or ignition switch. Then they will always try to repair the ignition. If it’s a minimal repair, more likely, it can be fixed in a matter of minutes. If there is damage beyond repair, they need to do a Jeep ignition replacement. This may take a bit longer but you can be sure to trust our technicians to take care of everything and have your Jeep working properly. 

For affordable Jeep ignition service, give us a call today. Once on site, an expert locksmith technician will assess the problem and determine the most efficient solution for you Jeep. A technician will go through what exactly needs to be done and give up front pricing before starting work on your vehicle. We want to make sure all our customers are satisfied with our service by providing knowledge and pricing to every customer before beginning a job. Concerned that there may be a problem with your Jeep’s ignition, call us today to speak with a representative. 

Jeep Locksmith Services

The Jeep brand has been well-renowned worldwide because of its iconic off-road vehicles. They offer a great combination of power, performance, and style. If you are in dire need of a dependable Jeep key service, Extra Locksmith is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! We are here to provide expert locksmith technicians who are all licensed in the state of Texas. Our company also offers the best methods and solutions via our state-of-the-art tools and equipment. Whatever Jeep key problem that you may encounter, we will guarantee you that Extra Locksmith Dallas can handle them. We take pride in providing a multitude of high-quality Jeep services such as Jeep key duplication, Jeep key cutting, Jeep spare key service, and Jeep FOB key & remote start services.