Kia Locksmith 

Do you need the best Kia Locksmith?  Have you lost your Kia car key or simply need a spare key for an emergency? Extra Locksmith is your first choice for Kia car key services. Kia car owners in Fort Worth & Dallas TX count on us to rescue them during car lockouts, lost keys situations, and ignition problems. We are the first number that you must remember whenever you need a Kia locksmith problem-solver. We have cutting-edge technology, and we know our way around Kia cars and SUVs. We are just a call away from affordable and reliable Kia locksmith services. Most Kia locksmiths can simply cut you a key, but only Extra Locksmith goes the extra mile to make sure your vehicle is as secure as possible.

Kia Cars That We Service

A call is all it takes for us to give you professional Kia automotive locksmith assistance. Extra Locksmith is your preferred provider of Fort Worth Kia car key services. Kia car owners like you are our priority. Time is money that’s why we offer the most reliable Kia car key replacement that won’t take much of your time and won’t hurt your pocket. Should you lose all your Kia keys, your dealer may arrange to have your car towed. You will also wait for a week or two just to have your Kia fob or Kia transponder chip key replaced by your dealer. Such a hassle! If you don’t want to wait for ages, call us at Extra Locksmith in Fort Worth, TX. We do Kia car key replacement in just one hour or less. Even when you have lost all your Kia keys, we can make you a new one based on your car’s unique code. Your car’s ignition won’t start? Call us whenever you have no time to spare for your Kia ignition repair. With Extra Locksmith, you can have top-notch service and expert Kia locksmith advice all in one visit.























Fort Worth Kia Car Key Services

Kia Car Key Duplication Services

Here at Extra Locksmith we can help you out with all of your Kia car key duplication  service needs. Our technicians are equipped with tools to cut normal metal keys as well as high security keys on site. Our technicians can duplicate any Kia car keys you already have, or cut you one from scratch if you have lost all of your car keys. Most of the time our locksmith technicians will need to run the VIN number of your kia. This information will give them information on how to cut and program your car key. In any case that you are needing a Kia car key duplication in Fort Worth, Extra Locksmith is here to help. 

Kia Car Key Programming 

Some of the Kia car keys have a transponder inside of the key. This transponder chip has to be programmed to properly communicate with the immobilizer of your vehicle. This makes it harder to steal your car, because it takes more than just turning the ignition over to turn the car on. The immobilizer works by switching the fuel pump on if the proper, programmed car key is inserted into the ignition. Without the programmed key the fuel pump will immediately shut off upon turning the ignition over. If your Kia key needs programming for any reason, call Extra Locksmith today! Whether you need your key programmed right away or would like to set up a scheduled appointment, we’ve got you covered. We provide 24 hour locksmith services for when you need Kia car key programming. 

Kia Fob Key and Remote Start

Not many locksmiths have diverse on-hand stocks of car key parts like us at Extra Locksmith. We have in-house stocks of fob keys and transponders for most Kia car models which require them. Just call us and we’ll get right to your location. We’ll replace your fob key and remote start in less than an hour. Need an extra Kia Fob key? We’ve got you covered. Extra Locksmith is the only company that you can trust with your Kia car services. Be careful, a handful of these fly-by-night locksmiths are scammers. They will quote you pennies, only to rip you with hundreds of dollars once the job is done. You are also inadvertently giving them access to your car by unknowingly giving them a copy of your keys. This opens up an opportunity for them to steal your Kia ride. That’s the reason why whenever you need Fort Worth Kia car key services, you can count on Extra Locksmith.

Kia Ignition Services in Fort Worth

Kia Ignition Repair

Imagine yourself going to your car with the car key that you use every single day. You unlock your door, stick the key into the ignition, and attempt to turn the ignition over. You find that you are not actually able to turn the ignition from the “off” to the “accessory” or “on” position. If this is the case then you should immediately stop trying to turn the ignition over. This could lead to you completely breaking the ignition, or breaking the key inside the ignition. Instead call Extra Locksmith in Fort worth. Our experienced technician will be able to come on site and see if your ignition cylinder can be repaired. As a trusted Fort Worth locksmith, we are here for you Kia ignition repairs. Our technicians are equipped with all the proper tools to repair your Kia’s ignition. 

Kia Ignition Replacement 

When referring to the ignition there are two main components one should know about. There is the ignition switch, which is the whole casing of the ignition (where the cylinder is housed), as well as the ignition cylinder itself. Often times it will be enough to simply replace your ignition cylinder without having to replace the whole switch. If your Kia ignition is broken and needs to be replaced, we will send out one of our highly trained locksmith technicians to replace the ignition. Of course, the technician will try and repair the ignition if possible. In case that the ignition is broken, Extra Locksmith is prepared to replace the ignition in your Kia vehicle.