Lock Replacement Services

lock replacement service
Moving into a new house, losing a key, and updating a property’s security are some of the reasons why people seek lock replacement service. Extra Locksmith has been helping people secure their properties by installing or changing their locks. Of course, there are different ways to keep your home or business secure. Physical security is a topmost concern for many people, including regular homeowners and business people, virtually most of our clients.

Not everyone has security surveillance installation within the premises of their property. Not everyone can afford security personnel. The average citizen secures their home, office, or store using locks. At some point, locks may need replacement.

Common Reasons for Changing Locks

  1. Lost keys
  2. Change of residence
  3. Coming from a vacation
  4. Divorce or separation
  5. Old locks
  6. Recent burglary or attempted burglary
  7. Recent case of security breach (someone broke into property)
  8. Roommates moving out

We at Extra Locksmith in Fort DFW recommend a lock replacement every few years, even if you have not experience any of the above. Always check your locks and keys for signs of wear.

Professional Residential Locksmith In Fort Worth & Dallas

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There are different types of locks in the market when considering your lock replacement service:
  • The Yale type lock allows you to slam the door shut. The door can be opened from inside by turning a lever or handle. From outside, it needs a key to be opened.
  • A mortice lock is usually used by insurance firms and comes with a flag-shaped key. This type of lock offers more security mechanisms against common types of breaking or attack.
  • Another type of lock, one that is very popular, comes with a thumbturn on the inside. The Euro lock cylinder comes in a number of sizes. Security features vary. Thus, this type of lock can be used in different settings and situations.

A Fort Worth locksmith would always say there is no single standard lock. There are different standards. Seeking specialist advice is a client’s best bet when changing locks to upgrade the physical security of their residential or business property.

Why choose a professional locksmith replacement service?

lock replacement

We have corrected DIY errors in lock replacement. It’s always fantastic to try things on your own and learn new skills. But compromising your home’s security through a bad and unreliable lock replacement work is something to avoid. Poorly fitting locks can snap and leave you vulnerable to intrusion.

Is the best lock replacement locksmith expensive?

One of the common fears people have is the perceived high cost. Extra Locksmith replacement service comes at an affordable and reasonable price. Service is flexible and can be adjusted to individual homeowners or property owner’s needs. We can talk about your preferences and work according to your budget without compromising your security. Contrary to what people might think, changing locks doesn’t have to break the bank.

The cost of lock replacement in Fort Worth depends on the type of hardware and the level of security you prefer. We always communicate with our clients to make sure they get what they need. We provide honest estimates at the onset. More importantly, we make sure our clients are satisfied. Our mission is to ensure everyone feels safe and secure.

Affordable lock replacement in DFW!

Deadbolt Installation & Replacement

Residential Deadbolt Install In DFW

Home security does not often come as an immediate need for many people until unfortunate events occur. Regardless of how safe a neighborhood may appear, break-ins and burglaries come as real eye-openers for homeowners in all walks of life. Don’t wait for your home to fall victim to some of these crimes. Avoid property loss, damage, or the threat of danger with the help of Extra Locksmith and its affordable residential locksmith services.

Simply having a security system in place will not be enough forever. After constant use and abuse, your home will be in need of having locks replaced. With our residential lock replacement service in Fort Worth, we’re offering deadbolt replacement services, home security system upgrades, and other residential locksmith services. Make sure that your home is safe and up-to-date so that it can firmly stand against crime, threat, and violence.

Our expertly trained locksmiths are prepared to deliver premium residential locksmith services, covering everything from commercial locks to full technologically advanced home security systems. Whether you’re in need of a lock rekey, deadbolt replacements, or replacement locks for your entire home, Extra Locksmith is at your service. Furthermore, we’re prepared to give your home security a comprehensive check to make sure that we don’t miss anything that needs to be fixed or replaced. With the help of our top-notch DFW locksmiths, your home is guaranteed to be safer than ever before.

Replace Dead Bolt In DFW

Damaged locks are things that definitely should not be left unattended, especially when it comes to locks in your home. With Extra Locksmith’s affordable residential locksmith services, you’ll never again have to worry about the safety of your home and all it contains. Our deadbolt replacement service is available for you whenever you need it. We’re prepared to have your damaged deadbolts removed, repaired, or replaced. We also offer the installation of new premium quality deadbolts on your doors and wherever else you may need them. Furthermore, we’re prepared to offer our clients DFW Locksmith services 24 hours a day. Whether you’re in need of emergency locksmith services or looking to schedule a non-emergency lock installation or replacement service, we’re a perfect choice. 

 Our fully licensed, fully bonded, and fully insured services guarantee the most reliable results, given at the most affordable rates. We at Extra Locksmith, have our team of highly-trained locksmiths more than ready to take care of all of your residential security system needs.

Professional Keyless Entry Service in DFW

If you are looking for Professional keyless entry service in DFW for your home or office, then Extra Locksmith is the best solution for you. As licensed and professional locksmiths, we specialize in all things associated with locks. We offer more advanced range of locksmith services that include full scale security enhancements and solutions, such as, Locksmith Keyless entry services.

What is a keyless entry locksmith service? It’s an electronic lock that has access controls to a building or home without the use of a traditional mechanical key. Electronic door locks or remote keyless entry system can be installed at your office or home, allowing you not to carry keys anymore. There are two benefits of a keyless entry system: First, you’ll never lose keys anymore, lock yourself out of the office or  house, or have your keys stolen. Secondly, the keyless entry system provides improved security to you and your loved ones by having coded entry points that only family members can be able to access. In addition, there’s no need for you to juggle the groceries as you place your key in the lock, shuffle through the bottom of your bag to find the key, or locate the keyhole while in the dark. The best part is, a lot of locks today are compatible with smartphones and tablets.

The team of Extra Locksmith technicians are well trained and highly qualified professionals. They can be able to provide you with a reliable consultation on which type of keyless entry system to install and supply in your house or workplace, making sure that all entry points are being coded to one entry code or fingerprints of staff or family members. The benefits of the added security measure will bring peace of mind, as well as, minimize unauthorized entry or risk of burglary.

To learn more about the best keyless entry system option for your hour or office setting, visit www.extralocksmith.com and arrange an appointment today.

Professional DFW Residential Smart Lock Repair and Installation Service

Looking for a reliable DFW Smart Lock installation? Then, you came to the right place. Smart Lock devices replace the code-based method with the use of an electronic system, which unlocks when it receives wireless signals from authorized smartphones. Fort Worth Smart Lock comes in different styles. Some models totally replace the door bolt and handle with a code lock, while others are installed just above the door’s handle. What Smart Locks all have in common is its electronic system that allows the user to remotely manage who are the people authorized to open the door at any time, in a manner of clicks – therefore reducing the key exchange problem. 

A smart lock can range anywhere from a keypad entry to card access entry. With technology advancing, there are so many options in keeping your property secure. If you are interested in installing a smart lock for your home or office, give us a call at 817-708-2232. Whether you are in need of a smart lock repair service or need help finding the right lock for your security needs, Extra Locksmith in DFW is here to help. 

Bump Proof Lock

We’ve heard of cases wherein burglars use bump keys to open any lock. Question is, are your locks bump proof? At Extra Locksmith security is a top priority. We want to make sure that your home or business or office is safe from intruders and unwelcome guests who steal property and possessions. We have different ways to ensure that, and one of those ways is to recommend bump proof lock installation.

There are different ways to bump proof locks or make them pick resistant. We introduce common methods and devices to our clients and allow them to choose based on their budget and preference. Another option is to contact us. Either you come to our shop to have your locks upgraded or we come to your house and add security pins to your locks give an unwelcome visitor a harder time opening them.

Of course, we highly recommend bump and pick resistant locks, which are harder to break open. These devices have added features that secure your property more effectively than ordinary locks. They have built-in defenses against drilling and picking. Unauthorized duplicate keys won’t open these types of security devices, and that’s good news for business owners and office managers, who are working with employees. When many people have access to your property, but you still want to make sure it is secure, high-security locks are one of the options to consider. They are stronger and heavier. They are harder to bump and break.

Commercial grade locks are also an option. The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) test locks for durability. The best locks have ANSI Grade 1 certification, something you should look for and ask your locksmith about. Do you want your locks tested for bumping resistance? Do you want to add security features to your existing locks?  Contact us today!