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Moving into a new house, losing a key, and updating a property’s security are some of the reasons why people seek lock replacement service. Extra Locksmith has been helping people secure their properties by installing or changing their locks. Of course, there are different ways to keep your home or business secure. Physical security is a topmost concern for many people, including regular homeowners and business people, virtually most of our clients.

Not everyone has security surveillance installation within the premises of their property. Not everyone can afford security personnel. The average citizen secures their home, office, or store using locks. At some point, locks may need replacement.

Common Reasons for Changing Locks

  1. Lost keys
  2. Change of residence
  3. Coming from a vacation
  4. Divorce or separation
  5. Old locks
  6. Recent burglary or attempted burglary
  7. Recent case of security breach (someone broke into property)
  8. Roommates moving out

We at Extra Locksmith in Fort Worth recommend changing your locks every few years even if you have not experience any of the above. Always check your locks and keys for signs of wear.

Professional ResidentialĀ Locksmith In Fort Worth

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There are different types of locks.

l  The Yale type lock allows you to slam the door shut. The door can be opened from inside by turning a lever or handle. From outside, it needs a key to be opened.

l  A mortice lock is usually used by insurance firms and comes with a flag-shaped key. This type of lock offers more security mechanisms against common types of breaking or attack.

l  Another type of lock, one that is very popular, comes with a thumbturn on the inside. The Euro lock cylinder comes in a number of sizes. Security features vary. Thus, this type of lock can be used in different settings and situations.

A Fort Worth locksmith would always say there is no single standard lock. There are different standards. Seeking specialist advice is a client’s best bet when changing locks to upgrade the physical security of their residential or business property.

Why choose a professional locksmith replacement service?

We have corrected DIY errors in lock replacement. It’s always fantastic to try things on your own and learn new skills. But compromising your home’s security through a bad and unreliable lock replacement work is something to avoid. Poorly fitting locks can snap and leave you vulnerable to intrusion.

Is the best lock replacement locksmith expensive?

One of the common fears people have is the perceived high cost. Extra Locksmith replacement service comes at an affordable and reasonable price. Service is flexible and can be adjusted to individual homeowners or property owner’s needs. We can talk about your preferences and work according to your budget without compromising your security. Contrary to what people might think, changing locks doesn’t have to break the bank.

The cost of lock replacement in Fort Worth depends on the type of hardware and the level of security you prefer. We always communicate with our clients to make sure they get what they need. We provide honest estimates at the onset. More importantly, we make sure our clients are satisfied. Our mission is to ensure everyone feels safe and secure.

Affordable lock replacement in Fort Worth is right at the tip of your fingers. Contact us now for inquiries or visit our store at 911 N Sylvania #180 Fort Worth.

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