Residential Rekey Services

Extra Locksmith Rekey Services in Fort Worth. If you need to rekey house locks in your home, give us a call at 817-708-2232.

House Lock Rekey

Rekey your house locks with Extra Locksmith House Rekey Service. Do you have a home in Fort Worth whose locks need to be rekeyed? We can help! Rekey services are beneficial for homeowners, property owner, real estate companies and many more. Rekeying a lock requires the pins inside the lock cylinder to be changed. If you are a homeowner that doesn’t want the original key working in the door, we can simply rekey your locks, so that a new key will work. Perhaps you put on a new lock in one door and it’s a different key than the other doors in your home, we can rekey the locks so that you will only have to use one key for all the locks.

We do house lock rekeys for many lock brands. If you need a doorknob, deadbolt, or even screen door rekeyed give us a call today. Our profession locksmith technicians will rekey your locks using all necessary tools and equipment. Lock rekey services are a simple process when done by a professional locksmith company. Call us today to set up your appointment for your house lock rekey service.

Pins Replaced

The process of rekeying a lock cylinder requires the proper tools, equipment and knowledge. In order to rekey a lock from the original key, the lock must be taken apart to access the lock cylinder. From there a locksmith will change out the pins in order for the lock to work with the new key. Different pins are placed in the cylinder according to the key cuts of the new key.

A few reasons to use our Lock Rekey Services at Extra Locksmith are:

-Recently purchased home locks to be rekeyed.

-Tenants are moving out, so you need to make sure the old key is no longer working.

-A replacement lock was installed and needs to be rekeyed to be working on the same key as the rest of the lock in the house.

For whatever reason you need to rekey locks in Fort Worth, give us a call and we can help. We are a reliable locksmith service, and when you choose Extra Locksmith, you are guaranteed the best rekey service in town.

Professional Residential Locksmith In Fort Worth

Dial (817) 708-2232

Deadbolt Rekeyed

Deadbolt Cylinder Removal Process

If you need a deadbolt rekey service for locks in your home in Fort Worth, call the experts at Extra Locksmith. Our technicians are professinally trained and have the proper tools and equipment to rekey deadbolts. Depending on the type of lock it is, a deadbolt rekey can take 10-20 minutes on average per cylinder. The process works by accessing the lock cylinder within the deadbolt. This can be done using the original key or if your original key is lost, there are special tools in order to pick the lock. Once the cylinder has been accessed, the old pins are removed and new pins are put in to fit the cuts o the new keys. The cylinder is then installed back in the lock, and you deadbolt is now rekeyed.

Doorknob Rekeyed

Replace Doorknob Cylinder Pins

A doorknob rekey is a similar process to a deadbolt rekey. The average time runs about 10-20 minutes just depending on the type of lock it is, and whether or not the original key is available. In some cases a doorknob rekey will be best when you changed out the deadbolt to an upgraded lock, or vice versa. A technician will rekey your doorknob to work on a specific key that you want. We will also provide you with copies of the key if needed. Call us today for your doorknob rekey service. Our friendly dispatchers are available to answer all questions you may have and schedule your house rekey service at a time that is convenient to you.

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