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You’re about to retrieve your jewelry or some important document, which is in a safe, but there’s just a problem. You’re in front of your security safe and the metallic dial is staring at you, and waiting to be opened. The thing is, you forgot the combination! You want to call the local open-a-safe service provider’s number, but you hesitate, because maybe you can think hard and recall the numbers. Or, even better, you can try and break it open.

If you need your home or business security safe or vault opened, call Extra Locksmith in Fort Worth today. We will send a trained professional to unlock your safe with the proper equipment. No need to waste time trying to pry open the safe yourself. This could cause damage to whatever is inside the safe and you could end up hurting yourself.

Understanding how the lock functions work

First, you have a combination lock, a dial with numbers along the edges or the circumference. Apparently, the only way to open the safe is to get the number combination right. Destroying the dial to open the safe seems a tough business. A Fort Worth locksmith doesn’t recommend doing that.

Attached to the dial is a small cylinder, called the spindle. If you want to unlock a safe, you have to figure out how the spindle works. Turning the dial turns the spindle as well. You don’t see it turning because it’s inside the locking mechanism. Attached to the spindle is the drive cam, which turns when the spindle turns. Then a drive pin extends from the drive cam and turns the wheel as well. In easier terminology, you have connected parts that move as the other parts move.

The drive pin turns the wheels or tumblers. These wheels are located around the spindle, but they are attached to it. The combination lock is equipped with one wheel for every number in the combination. If you have a three-number combination lock, then your safe has three tumblers or wheels. Once you understand how the lock works, you’ll realize opening your safe without the right combination of numbers is virtually impossible.

Opening a safe without the number combination is not impossible, but it sure is very difficult and taxing, as any Fort Worth open safe service provider will say. Some locksmiths use special devices to listen to mechanical noises while turning the dial counterclockwise and clockwise. Some actually just use a stethoscope to attempt to listen to the noises or clicks. The logic of this method is simple.

Turning the dial allows you to pass through any of the numbers of the combination. When you’re doing it right, you should hear clicks at or near the designated numbers.

The thing is, this underhanded method is prone to a lot of mistakes. People who have no idea what they’re doing or what sound to catch will just spend a long time and be frustrated. In many cases, an unskilled person doing the job will hear internal noises. In addition, seasoned locksmiths use other techniques, like drawing graphs to determine possible combinations. It doesn’t end there.

You could come up with multiple combinations, which you have to try one by one. In many cases, none of them works. So you either have to repeat the entire irksome process or you have to tweak the combinations and use adjacent numbers. You would have to be trying a hundred different combinations before you could open that safe. If you’re unlucky, the safe won’t yield to any random mix of numbers.

If you called an affordable safe open locksmith, you’d have spared yourself from time and effort wasted. Dial our number so we may help you turn that dial and open your safe safely. We are your most trusted locksmith in Fort Worth when it comes to unlocking safes. We can handle digital dial safes, gun safes, combination safes, and many more. Give us a call today to get your safe or vault opened.

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