The moment you realize you have lost your keys can be quite a depressing moment as it implies that you have been denied access to your apartment, office or car. Another plausible scenario is the possession of damaged keys or unresponsive locks. These types of situations everyday occurrence all over the world, even places like Arlington, Texas. You do not need to get aggressive over the situation, or make rash decisions that could cost expensive damage to your property. This is so because there are skilled technicians whose primary objective is to tackle situations like this that occur, and it is better to let the best locksmith service in Arlington, Texas handle this.

In all honesty, there are quite a number of companies that offer this type service in Arlington, Texas but Extra Locksmith Service is your best bet to get the job done well. Extra locksmith service is licensed, bonded and insured. We have been in existence for a number of years now equipped with well trained professional and sophisticated equipment to match our years of unparalleled experienced. We are available around the clock and we will respond to you in the shortest time.

Extra locksmith is Arlington’s leading locksmith specialist providing unmatchable quality service that you can trust and rely on. Our range of services are:

Residential locksmith services:

We are aware that your home is very valuable to you because that is where your family resides and belongings are kept. It is therefore pertinent to take extreme measures that will ensure that they remain safe. Whether you are fixing a broken lock or replacing an old one with a more sophisticated one, Extra locksmith service has no problem carrying out this service for you. Apart from changing locks for residential buildings, they also offer the following services;

  • Installation of smart lock
  • Re-keying of door locks
  • Repair of damaged lock
  • Extraction of broken key
  • Replacement of window locks
  • Repair of window locks
  • Emergency residential lockout services
  • Safe residential lockouts service

Automotive locksmith services:

Being unable to access your car can be quite frustrating. Going through such an ordeal could trigger you into taking steps towards gaining access to your car that may cause more harm than good. This harm is likely to be a lot more expensive, than just contacting a locksmith for help. At extra locksmith services, we have at our disposal different array of tools to open your car and an expert team of professional who know what to do. There are also other scenarios where you might not be able to gain access to your vehicle such as locking the keys in your trunk or getting robbed of your belongings. Extra locksmith services are up to the task. We are not just limited to helping you gain access to your vehicle, the other service we offer are;

  • Retrieval of locked keys in trunk
  • Replacement of lost or broken car keys
  • Cutting of car key
  • Duplicating of car key
  • Extraction of car key
  • Replacement and repair of ignition switch
  • Replacement and repair of ignition cylinder
  • Re-keying of ignition
  • Programming or replacement of key fobs
  • Programming of transponder key
  • Luxury automotive assistance

Extra locksmith service can work on a variety of vehicles with the surplus methods and tools at our disposal. Our team of professionals has long term experience in every brand and model. They will get to your location in a short time and carry out whatever service is expected of them in a short time to prevent any further waste of your time. The kind of automotive locksmith service we offer is unmatched and this is why we are referred to as the best locksmith service in Arlington, Texas.

Commercial locksmith services:

It is quite pointless to cancel the day’s work or delay your employees from gaining access to their workplace all because you are locked out of your office. It also doesn’t make any sense to break the door or window or unnecessarily slacken the security of your business. Extra locksmith remains the best option to tackle a situation like this efficiently. The size of your business is not a factor as we are capable of working on complexes that range from industrial building to a single office.

Extra locksmith utilizes numerous strategies to ensure that no collateral damage is incurred during our work process. Our service is not limited to breaking locks or opening doors, we also install new locks on your doors, mailbox, and cabinet. We are also technologically sound and we can install combination and biometric lock system. Our range of service is listed below;

  • Commercial building lockouts
  • Installation of new locks on a door
  • Installation of new locks  on windows
  • Replacement and repairing of old locks
  • Mailbox change out
  • Unlocking and repairing of safe
  • Removal of rusty padlocks
  • Servicing and reprogramming of digital locks
  • Installation of biometric lock system

Emergency locksmith services:

There are circumstances where you lose or break your keys and you are in need of a fast and dependable locksmith. You can count on extra locksmith services. We are available twenty-four hours a day, all week long and are not hindered by distance. Our team of technicians will respond in a short time. Whether it is a residential, commercial or automotive locksmith, we are experienced in all kind of situation and that is why we are ranked high when it comes to emergency locksmith service in Arlington, Texas. Our ranges of emergency service are;

  • Car lockout services
  • Emergency trunk opening
  • Extraction of broken ignition keys
  • Duplication of lost ignition keys
  • Production of remote keys
  • Production of ignition key
  • Home lockout solution
  • Office lockout solution

Getting a locksmith service is different from getting a locksmith that will offer you a total package of quick response, quality service at affordable price and all day long availability. This is what we offer at extra locksmith service and that is why you should join our expanding customer base.

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