Toyota Locksmith 

Looking for a Toyota Locksmith?  Your Toyota deserves the top-of-the-line service of Extra Locksmith. We offer automotive lock and key service that is as precise as what your dealer offers. When all your keys are lost, call us. Our mobile Toyota key duplication service in Fort Worth, TX will get you back on the road fast. We understand that throughout your busy schedule, you need a Toyota key replacement even late at night or during weekends. We are your wise choice instead of your dealer who will bill you a fortune for a new set of Toyota car keys. At Extra Locksmith, we value your time and money. We provide fast and scratch-free onsite Toyota key made, Toyota key duplication, and Toyota fob key and remote start unit replacement while you wait.

Toyota models that we service

Technical mastery and highly specialized equipment is what you need to have your Toyota car keys done right. You also know that it will cost you hundreds of bucks and a week of delay if you go straight to your dealer for your Toyota key cut. Why wait when you can have the same quality of Toyota car keys in just an hour? Not many people know that Extra Locksmith in Fort Worth, TX is better alternative to your dealer when it comes to Toyota key cut and fob key replacement. We are Fort Worth trusted automotive locksmith for Toyota spare key service and Toyota emergency roadside locksmith assistance. Being a Toyota car owner, you know value and quality like the back of your hand. We are the only company in Fort Worth, TX that can give reliable and affordable onsite Toyota fob key and Toyota remote start rekey service round-the-clock. We have the cutting-edge technology for Toyota key cut which is a step above most locksmiths in the market. We offer the same quality as your dealer, and we are faster and cheaper.




























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Toyota Car Key Services

Duplicate Toyota Car Keys in Fort Worth 

Wether you have lost all of your car keys, or simply need a spare key cut and programmed,  Extra locksmith’s licensed and bonded technicians can help you today! Often times it will be cheaper to create a spare key if you already have a copy of the original key. This is because often times our key duplication machines can trace the cuts of your original key instead of having to pay to get the cuts from scratch. On Toyota cars our locksmiths can sometimes get the cuts through the lock cylinder on one of the doors. If the drivers side door is the only door with a lock cylinder then often times our technicians will be able to get a key code from the drivers side door. If the passenger door and the driver door both have lock cylinder then the key code will usually be located on the passenger side lock cylinder. Call Extra Locksmith in Fort Worth today and see how we can help get you back on the road.

Toyota Reflash Services

Some late 90’s and early 2000’s models of Toyotas require a reflash to program new car keys if you have lost all of your keys or if you have lost the “master key”. While it may seem counter intuitive, these older models may be harder to program than some of the new Toyotas. This is because in order to do a reflash the ECU needs to be removed from inside the vehicle and wiped clean with a special reflash tool, often times this is called a pen loader. The first car key which will be programmed to your car is called the master key, each subsequent key is a valet key. If you wish to program more car keys without needing to do the whole reflash it is necessary to have the master key. Call Extra Locksmith in Fort Worth today and get a free reflash car key programming quote.

Toyota Car Key Programming

Many of the Toyota car keys have a chip inside of them. This chip is called a transponder. If everything works as it should then the transponder will receive and send signals to the immobilizer of the vehicle which in turn will shut off the fuel pump of the car when you turn the ignition to the on position. This is a security features which most cars nowadays have so that it is harder for people with malicious intent to steal your vehicle. Different Toyotas have different chips inside of them including a “D”, “G”, and an “H” chip. These chips may require slightly different tools and programming methods. Our technicians are equipped to program all Toyota transponder keys. Call Extra Locksmith today and get your Toyota car key programmed in Fort Worth.

Toyota FOB and Push to Start

A lot of the newer makes and models of cars do not have the “key in ignition cylinder”. Instead, many newer cars are equipped with push to start buttons. When the correct key is inserted in a slot, or is in a close enough proximity to the vehicle, the security mechanism of the vehicle enables you to push a button and thereby turn the car on. Some of these vehicles may even have after market options for remote starting options. This way if it is hot in the middle of summer, or freezing in the winter, you may be able to turn your car on using a remote while not even being inside of your vehicle. The advantage of this includes letting your car run allowing you to turn the heat or AC of your car on before getting in your car making it more comfortable for you to get in your car when the wether is subpar outside.

Toyota Ignition Services

Fort Worth Toyota Ignition Replacement

Ignitions may and often deteriorate over time. You may find that it is becoming increasingly difficult for you to turn your ignition over to the on and accessory positions. If you wait too long to replace your ignition you may even get to the point where it becomes impossible for you to turn your ignition over. If this is the case do not hesitate to call Extra Locksmith in Fort Worth to repair your ignition. Our Licensed and bonded technicians will get on site and see exactly what the issue with your ignition is and determine exactly which parts need to be replaced, wether it be the whole switch or just the cylinder. Your new ignition will often times come with a different set of keys than your original ones, however, it may sometimes be possible to also re key your new ignition to fit your old keys.

Toyota Ignition Repair

Lock cylinders have been around for a very long time and the way many of them function is very similar. Ignition cylinders work through a series of wafers and springs which when the proper key is inserted get aligned properly and thereby allowing the ignition to turn over. Sometimes it may be the case that a few of the wafers or springs are broken or for whatever reason do not function as they should. If this is the case it may sometimes be possible for our technicians to take the lock cylinder out and repair or replace the broken parts. Call Extra Locksmith in Fort Worth today and get a free quote for a Toyota ignition repair.

Toyota Locksmiths

Toyota is one of the most popular car brands in the world. The company has been in existence for decades and has catered to the clamor of car owners with vehicles showcasing advanced technological features, effective safety measures, and superb performance. Because Toyota cars deserve top-notch Toyota Locksmith Dallas service. You don’t have to look far and wide for you’ve come to the right place! Your premier locksmith service in all of Dallas! We offer a multitude of Toyota key services such as Toyota key duplication, Toyota key cutting, Toyota spare key service, and Toyota FOB key & remote start services. When you pick Extra Locksmith, we will provide you with quick, efficient and accurate Toyota key services unlike any other company in Dallas!