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Your Volkswagen is your vehicle to work and leisure. You had already spent a great deal of cash to buy your car, why spend another hundreds of dollars for your Volkswagen key made? Your dealer is not your best bet if you want to save money on your Volkswagen key duplication. Whether your transponder keys or fobs are all stolen, damaged or missing, we got your back! We are your preferred service provider for Fort Worth Volkswagen car key services. Call us wherever you are, we’ll get right at your location to rescue you, make you a new key and unlock your Volkswagen car door fast. We offer the same quality of Volkswagen key duplication service as precise your local car dealership. We are also faster and more affordable than most locksmiths out there. We can come knocking at your door in 15-30 minutes after you made the call. Your time is like gold, don’t waste it calling for your dealer and having your Volkswagen car towed. Just dial our number and we’ll take over.

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There are bad days and there are good days. We always encounter Volkswagen car owners who seek our help because they accidentally dropped their fob keys while fishing or swimming. No worries! At Extra Locksmith, we can replace your damaged Volkswagen car keys in less than an hour. Duplicating your car keys is not a priority of your dealer. They don’t stock these fob and transponder chip key parts. Likewise, they rarely have a automotive locksmith in-house to do the job. That’s the reason why your dealer takes ages just to make you a new Volkswagen key. Good thing it’s possible to save hundreds of bucks if you choose Extra Locksmith instead of your local dealership. You will also save yourself from headaches and worries if you choose us instead of other locksmiths. We offer transparent and reasonable pricing for all our auto locksmith services. Whereas other locksmiths can rip you off with hundreds of bucks, we offer exact and fair prices.

Best Automotive Locksmith Service for Volkswagen

Extra Locksmith delivers personalized service each and every time. Today might not be your lucky day but no worries. Call us and we’ll solve your Volkswagen key made and Volkswagen ignition repair problem right away. Whenever you are choosing a Volkswagen Fort Worth automotive locksmith, you must look for a company with a proven track record and good customer feedbacks. At Extra Locksmith, we have grown our numbers through repeat business. Through word of mouth and loyal customers, we have increased our customer base of Volkswagen car owners at Fort Worth, TX. Extra Locksmith has a wide range of lock and key parts for Volkswagen and other car models. We take pride in providing well-stocked Volkswagen key made parts in-house. That’s because we want to offer speedy Volkswagen key made service. With us, you are guaranteed of precise, scratch-free and professional automotive locksmith service in just an hour.


The best way to secure your car is to make sure that whenever you park, there are no enticing objects inside your Volkswagen. Thieves usually prey on car owners who have bags and visible valuables inside their car. But what if somebody has already forcefully opened your car locks? Who do you gonna call while in a state of panic? Remember Extra Locksmith.

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Your Volkswagen is your vehicle to work and leisure. You had already spent a great deal of cash to buy your car, why spend another hundreds of dollars for your Volkswagen key made? Your dealer is not your best bet if you want to save money on your Volkswagen key duplication.

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A spare Volkswagen key is a good insurance. It will later save you money once your main car keys are lost. You know that it's not wise to shell out hundreds of cash just for a Volkswagen replacement key. Why spend a boatload of money when you can get the same key for just a few dollars? Put your bucks where it matters. Once you lost all your keys, your dealer will quote you a fortune just for their Volkswagen spare key service.

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Volkswagen car keys are now far advanced as compared to what was released a few decades ago. Nowadays, not every locksmith has the equipment to cut a Volkswagen key. Only a few locksmiths in Fort Worth, TX has the equipment, Volkswagen-compatible software and expert locksmith skills for precise Volkswagen key cut.

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Extra Locksmith provides a complete range of automotive lock and key services aside from Volkswagen fob key and remote start replacement. We are also the perfect company to call for emergency lockout rescue, Volkswagen ignition repair and Volkswagen car key extraction.

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Call our customer service department today to have an Emergency Fort Worth Locksmith come to you right away or to schedule an appointment. We look forward to serving you.

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