Extra Locksmith is the key to your peace of mind. The sight of our mobile locksmiths van brings a smile to the faces of Fort Worth, TX Volkswagen car owners. We offer standard rates and we don’t overcharge for your Volkswagen car key duplication, ignition repair and car unlocking service. You can count on us to rescue you during emergencies and whenever you lose all your Volkswagen car keys. Our customer base is growing every year and we had since became the preferred provider of Fort Worth Volkswagen car key service. We treat every call as an emergency. Call us 24/7, 365 days a year, for all your Volkswagen lock and key needs.

Best Automotive Locksmith for Volkswagen cars

Whether your Volkswagen car is new or vintage, we can work around that. Now you know that there is a better alternative to your dealer when it comes to Volkswagen key cut and Volkswagen key duplication. Extra Locksmith has the compatible technology and we know our way around Volkswagen’s car security. Volkswagen car owners like you deserves precise service and that’s exactly what we deliver. Time is money that’s why we offer scratch-free and quick Volkswagen car key replacement that won’t take your time and won’t hurt your pocket. We are just a call away to give you peace of mind and value for your money. At some point, you’re gonna misplace your Volkswagen keys. That’s the reason why you must save our number for emergencies. Having your car towed and waiting for a week or two just to have your Volkswagen fob key and transponder key unit replaced by your dealer is such a hassle. If you don’t want this to wait, call us at Extra Locksmith in Fort Worth, TX. Even when you lost all your Volkswagen keys, we can make you a new Volkswagen transponder key and fob based on your car’s unique code.


















The best way to secure your car is to make sure that whenever you park, there are no enticing objects inside your Volkswagen. Thieves usually prey on car owners who have bags and visible valuables inside their car. But what if somebody has already forcefully opened your car locks? Who do you gonna call while in a state of panic? Remember Extra Locksmith.

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Your Volkswagen is your vehicle to work and leisure. You had already spent a great deal of cash to buy your car, why spend another hundreds of dollars for your Volkswagen key made? Your dealer is not your best bet if you want to save money on your Volkswagen key duplication.

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A spare Volkswagen key is a good insurance. It will later save you money once your main car keys are lost. You know that it's not wise to shell out hundreds of cash just for a Volkswagen replacement key. Why spend a boatload of money when you can get the same key for just a few dollars? Put your bucks where it matters. Once you lost all your keys, your dealer will quote you a fortune just for their Volkswagen spare key service.

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Volkswagen car keys are now far advanced as compared to what was released a few decades ago. Nowadays, not every locksmith has the equipment to cut a Volkswagen key. Only a few locksmiths in Fort Worth, TX has the equipment, Volkswagen-compatible software and expert locksmith skills for precise Volkswagen key cut.

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Extra Locksmith provides a complete range of automotive lock and key services aside from Volkswagen fob key and remote start replacement. We are also the perfect company to call for emergency lockout rescue, Volkswagen ignition repair and Volkswagen car key extraction.

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Extra Locksmith Covers a Wide Range of Vehicle Brands!

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Top-notch Volkswagen Automotive Locksmith Services

Extra Locksmith values your trust. We take care of your Volkswagen car because we know that this is the fruit of your labor. We provide premium automotive locksmith service at a price that is hard to beat! If your Volkswagen fob key is missing right now, no worries! Extra Locksmith is here to save your day! You know a good deal when you see one. Extra Locksmith offers reasonably-priced Volkswagen car key replacement that works like the original. The Volkswagen car key service that we are offering will save you from worries and headaches. Your dealer will make you wait for ages just for that one set of keys, so just call us! At Extra Locksmith, you can have your new set of Volkswagen car keys in less than an hour. We have onsite Volkswagen spare part stocks for Volkswagen fob key and remote start so there’s less waiting and better turnaround time for all our services. Whenever you need to get things done quick, call us.

Your Preferred Locksmith for Volkswagen Key Duplication

We are the right company to call whenever you are stuck and need to unlock your Volkswagen car door. Just call us and we’ll provide roadside assistance anywhere in Fort Worth, TX in 15-30 minutes. Got an appointment coming up but your Volkswagen car won’t start? Dial our number whenever you have no time to spare for your Volkswagen car ignition repair. With Extra Locksmith, you can have top-notch service and expert Volkswagen locksmith advice all in one visit. With us, you can have the same quality of Volkswagen fobs and keys as your dealer, at half of the usual price. Our locksmiths are on the road most of the time so they can get back to you and come knocking at your door as soon as your call is done. Extra Locksmith is as precise as your dealer and more affordable than our competitors. Call us whenever you have no time to spare. We’ll get you back on the road in no time. We are open and ready to rescue you anywhere in Fort Worth, TX, 24/7, 365 days a year. Extra Locksmith is will save you time and money.

Call our customer service department today to have an Emergency Fort Worth Locksmith come to you right away or to schedule an appointment. We look forward to serving you.

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Acura Ignition Replacement

Sometimes your Ignition may be beyond repair. If this is the case, our technicians will be able to replace your entire Ignition. Often times this new ignition will include two new cut keys. The later years will most likely be laser cut keys that also need to be programmed for the car to turn on. If your key broke in the ignition, we will send out a technician to remove the key as carefully as possible. In such cases where the damage is beyond repair, a technician will be prepared to do an Acura Ignition Replacement, so that you will be able to get on your way.

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