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Extra Locksmith is famed for its efficient and reliable Acura key services. In our quest to maintain excellence in the locksmith industry, we make sure that after getting the job done, our customers are happy and satisfied.We provide Acura key services to all of Fort Worth and are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We also take pride in having the best locksmith technicians in Fort Worth, Texas. You can expect high-quality services for any issues that you may encounter in your Acura car key. More so, our advanced tools and equipment make a great deal for a faster solution in your Acura car key problems. We offer different Acura key services such as Acura car key duplication, Acura car key replacement, Acura FOB key, Acura ignition repair and Acura car key replacement.

Acura Models That We Service 

Acura Car Key Services

Acura Car Key Duplication


The Fort Worth Acura car key services are simply irresistible. You will find yourself amazed and happy with our quick and high-quality services. We understand that budget plays a crucial role in maintaining the performance of your Acura car. It is always best to have a duplicate car key. In case that you loose your original key, your spare will save you time and money. When you need an Acura Car Key Duplication, come to our store or call for an appointment. One of our professional technicians will cut you a duplicate car key and program it, if needed. You can expect the same level of professionalism and effective solutions like your local car dealership. Extra Locksmith makes a big difference in your savings. It’s time to make a smart decision to duplicate your Acura car key in Fort Worth, TX.

Acura Car Key Programming

Many of the Acura car keys require a programmed key in order to start and keep the car running. Within some of the Acura vehicle keys there is a transponder that must be programed to vehicles computer, allowing the key to be recognized and disarm the anti-theft system to start the car. This transponder communicates with the immobilizer of the car. If the correct programmed key is not present when switching the ignition to the on position then the fuel pump of the car will shut off. In such cases that you have lost your key, we will program the key in a way that your lost keys will not be recognized by the car. This prevents theft if someone were to find your old keys.

Efficient Acura FOB Key & Remote Start Service in Fort Worth

Lost your Acura car keys? Couldn’t remember where you held them last? We have the fastest solution to this nerve-racking experience. Extra Locksmith offers speedy and efficient Acura fob key and remote start service. Available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, you can rely on us at any time of the day to fix your car key problems. Avoid the inconvenience of waiting for your car dealer to get you a replacement of your fob key or keyless remote in a day or two. When you choose Extra Locksmith, your time and money are valued as we always do to all of our customers. Give us a ring and our certified locksmiths will arrive to your Fort Worth location to solve your Acura car key problems. Expect your Acura fob key and remote start to be reprogrammed and replaced in less than an hour, on average.

Acura Ignition Services

Acura Ignition Repair

Acura ignitions have a series of wafers and springs which change position when a key is inserted into the ignition. When the correct key is inserted into the ignition all of the wafers should align properly allowing the ignition to be twisted onto the on position. Sometimes a few of the wafers and springs may deteriorate over time. This will make it harder and harder, and ultimately impossible for the owner of the vehicle to turn the ignition over. If this is the case, do not worry. Our technicians at Extra Locksmith in Fort Worth are here to take care of any car ignition problem your Acura may encounter. Call us today for all questions or concers for Acura ignition services.

Acura Ignition Replacement

Sometimes your Ignition may be beyond repair. If this is the case, our technicians will be able to replace your entire Ignition. Often times this new ignition will include two new cut keys. The later years will most likely be laser cut keys that also need to be programmed for the car to turn on. If your key broke in the ignition, we will send out a technician to remove the key as carefully as possible. In such cases where the damage is beyond repair, a technician will be prepared to do an Acura Ignition Replacement, so that you will be able to get on your way.

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