When you fall victim to an unfortunate situation where you’re barred from gaining access to your house, car, or office room, a locksmith service is just but the perfect solution to end this problem. Most often than not, these circumstances occur during those moments when you are in a hurry and it’s crucial that you get inside quickly. Faulty locks, broken keys, or damaged ignition switches, are some of the common causes of these headaches. But all of these issues, and so much more, can be prevented, alleviated, and eradicated if you only know the right people to call.

Extra Locksmith Service is proud to announce that they are providing the best locksmith services in White Settlement, TX. Locally owned and operated by trusted professionals, this company of locksmith experts are duly trained to carry out such very important services for residential and commercial purposes. With a strong track record in the industry, you can be sure that you are in good hands.  

You don’t want anyone to get access into your home, business establishment, or your car, do you? That is why, these lock specialists are duly licensed to carry out these rather sensitive jobs. The tools and equipment being used are state of the art, making it possible for them to override majority of locks, regardless of what brand or make, without making any unnecessary damages.

With a 24/7, year-round availability, your friendly partners at Extra Locksmith are more than eager to let you experience their unparalleled quality of locksmith services.

Residential locksmith service:

Our home is not only where our heart is. This piece of heaven on earth is also a place where you get to store your belongings that you earned from hard work and sacrifice. It is then rightful for any homeowner to take the necessary measures to keep them safe from any threats of theft, robbery, or vandalism. It is also your peace of mind when you know that your loved ones are snuck into their beds at night without having to fear that someone with ill intent will break in.

More than fixing a broken lock or replacing the old ones on your doors or windows, Extra Locksmith is also committed to provide residential locksmith services in White Settlement, TX with a quality of workmanship that you and your family can rely on stand the test of time.

Commercial locksmith services:

We understand the need to complete the work on the ground in a timely and highly-proficient manner because it is important that your business is able to deliver its services and supply its products when needed. Which is why it is the tenet here at Extra Locksmith to provide prompt locksmith services for commercial purposes while keeping in mind the high quality standards of the output.

Whether it is unlocking and repair of safes, installation of new door locks, mailbox lock maintenance, unlocking and reinstalling file cabinets, or installation of biometrics lock system, Extra Locksmith’s commercial locksmith services in White Settlement, TX get you covered.

Automotive locksmith service:

Beads of sweat trickling down your spine, mouth dry and breathing heavily as you take a peek at the jangle of keys stuck in your car’s ignition? Lock and key problems involving vehicles aren’t that easy to be dealt with. Save yourself from such troubles and let the experts take care of it.

You can count on the automotive locksmith services in White Settlement, TX provided by Extra Locksmith to be fast and highly efficient. The range is encompassing as it includes (but not limited to) car door lock and key repairs, re-keying, replacing of ignition switches and reprogramming of chip keys. With an honest and competitive pricing, you’d also be glad on your decision to call on these guys rather than your car dealership.

Emergency locksmith services:

Whether if it happens in the middle of your busy day or at the peak of the night, it’s never a good time when you got locked out of your own house, car, or office. You can rely on the emergency locksmith services in White Settlement, TX offered by Extra Locksmith to be prompt. Right before you know it, an experienced and licensed technician will be there for you at any hour of the day or night to solve your lockout problems.

Fast and reliable emergency services. 30-minute arrival time or less guarantee!

service rates with dependable services that are provided by our expert Locksmith technicians.

Home Security Installation at its finest! We offer exceptionally low installation fees to help you stay secure.


See what our customers say about us

“Excellent service and exceptionally affordable prices. I needed a key made for my Nissan and thankfully Extra Locksmith was only 10 minutes away. I got an immediate response and the technician was so nice, made me feel very safe! They gave me the exact total before starting any services and there were no hidden charges. I’ll definitely used them in the future. Thank you Extra Locksmith!”


Samantha C.

Fort Worth, TX

“These guys were incredible!

I sent out a few quote requests and these guys responded first, fast, and had the best price as well! I gave them my info and they sent someone out right away.

He must have driven like a bat out of hell because he got there lightning quick, and I was grateful! When got there he identified himself and made sure I was comfortable and safe while he was working. It didn’t take long at all before I was back in my car and on my way.

Super fast, professional service and had the best price. These guys saved my behind on the rare Texas 30 degree weather day!” 

Cindy M.

Irving, TX

“Was visiting family in Fort Worth and needed a locksmith for my car, they were fast and did a good job!”

David Cambell

“Friendly and knowledgeable staff, real helpful!”

Douglas Hogan

“Calld several compnies on sunday .. No one was open finely i got extra locksmith to send a locksmith he nade me key on the spot was fast and very freindly price was very reasonable i can drive my car now!”

Stephanie Gustafson

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