It’s very disappointing when you come home from work and learn that you got locked out of your house. You realize you lost your house key and cannot get in. This is frustrating because you don’t have much options. You could break a window or try and break the lock, but you will end up causing damage to your property. Don’t disappoint yourself even more by trying to handle everything. Your smartest move is to call for professional locksmith help. Experienced locksmith professionals will provide you with the most guaranteed solutions. If you want to save both time and money, call Extra Locksmith is you need service in Watauga. We offer the most reliable locksmith services, and our team can handle a wide array of key or lock problems. We will guarantee you the best locksmith services in Watauga, TX.

Just give us a call if you encounter key or lock problems for your home, vehicle or business in Watauga. No need to stress or worry, Extra Locksmith is here to solve all your locksmith needs. Save yourself the stress and embarrassment of trying to climb over your windows or picking the lock of your vehicle. We will assure you that we are here to provide you with the fastest yet most accurate solutions.

Emergency Locksmith Services:

An emergency can happen anywhere and anytime. One example is misplacing your car keys and don’t have a spare. It’s very nerve-racking when you just can’t do anything about it. The wisest move is to call for emergency locksmith services. Extra Locksmith offers the most reliable and most efficient emergency locksmith services in Watauga, TX. Call us right away so we can dispatch a professional technician to your location to help you take care of your locksmith emergency. 

Call us now for immediate locksmith service in Watauga! 817-708-2232.

  • Car or trunk lockouts
  • Locked out of your home
  • Lost the keys to your vehicle
  • Having ignition problems

Residential locksmith services:

The security of your home should always be top priority, no matter what. If you ever encounter locks that are defective, this means that your house is in danger. Burglars lurk in the night and if you don’t secure your locks, your family and belongings are at risk. Don’t waste your time securing your home by yourself, especially if you have zero experience in fixing locks. The best move is to call for residential locksmith services. For professional residential locksmith service, the best choice is Extra Locksmith. Our company offers quick, yet efficient residential locksmith services in Watauga, TX. Making sure your home has the best security is what we offer to you. We have a variety of lock and security solutions to make your home as protected as possible. With high security lock systems and 24 hour monitoring systems, we have the right options that will with your homes security needs and budget. Our residential locksmith service covers everything from lock rekeys to installing locks in your home. Questions about a lock issue in your home? Call us so we can help. 

Commercial locksmith services:

Your commercial establishment may be packed with advanced security system and when you accidentally lock yourself out, the best thing to do is call for the best commercial locksmith services in Watauga, TX. We specialize in Access Control and lock solutions. Our team of locksmith experts can definitely handle complicated security systems. If you have a commercial property, business or office in Watauga and are in need of a locksmith, Extra Locksmith is just around the corner. Our commercial locksmith services include: commercial lock rekey, access control and CCTV, high security locks, business lockout, commercial door lever, panic bar installation and much more. 

Thinking about increasing the security of your business? Extra Locksmith offers a variety of high security lock systems that can be custom selected for your businesses’ security needs. If your property requires keyless entry, including biometric locks, keycard entry access or keypad entry, we have you covered. For more information about security systems for your business, please call us at 817-708-2232. Speak with one of our friendly dispatchers to answer all your questions. For a free quote on upgrading your security, call us today so we can send out a security specialist. 

Automotive locksmith services:

Lost your car keys or got locked out of your car during a very crucial situation? Can’t go to work or can’t leave the house to run some important errands? Call a professional automotive locksmith right away. Extra Locksmith is your number one choice for automotive locksmith services in Watauga. We cover car lockouts, car key replacements, ignition problems and more. We service a variety of vehicles and their lock, key and ignition needs. Whether it’s an emergency locksmith need or you would like to schedule a service, give us a call so we can help. Our store location is just minutes from Watauga and our mobile locksmith service is available to service your automotive locksmith needs in the Watauga area. 

Whenever you encounter a need for locksmith service in Watauga, Extra Locksmith is just a phone call away. We offer professional service with highly trained technicians to take care of your locksmith needs. Our locksmith services are efficient, reliable, and affordable. All of our technicians are trained to handle any locksmith need you may have. Our goal is to make sure you are receiving the best service possible and are well informed about every service we are providing to you. You won’t be disappointed when you use us as your preferred locksmith.

Extra Locksmith provides you with affordable locksmith services. If you are having a lock issue in Watauga, call us today so we can send a technician to your location. All our technicians are required to go over everything that needs to be done to complete the job, as well as, go over pricing with you before beginning the work. You will never be thrown hidden fees when using our services. For all your automotive, commercial or residential locksmith questions, give us a call today. 

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