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When it comes to your Honda car keys, you can never be too prepared. But there is no need to worry or stress about it because Extra Locksmith, which is located in Fort Worth, Texas, is here to help you. Working at all hours of the day and the week, our expert locksmith technicians are ready to be of service whenever you need them. With their level of training and certification, you are guaranteed a level of professionalism in service and accuracy in products. With the help of our state-of-the-art equipment and modern tools, you will receive only the most reliable solutions to your Honda car key issues. Whether you need Honda key cutting services, Honda spare key services, Honda key duplication or Honda FOB key and remote start services – we have you covered.

Honda Models that we Service!

When it comes to anything that has to do with your Honda car, you want to work with a partner that is just as trustworthy as your motor unit. So when it comes to anything that is key related, look no further than Extra Locksmith. We take great pride in our customer service, but we never sacrifice our production value either. Think of us as a one-stop shop since we can handle anything at any time of the day. Our team of well-trained locksmiths will get to your Fort Worth location in no more than 30 minutes after your call in order to personally help you with your concerns. So when you choose Extra Locksmith, you are not only getting the highest-quality results, but you are also getting quick and efficient service.






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Honda Car Key Services

Honda Car Key Programming

Most Honda Cars have a chip inside of them. This chip is referred to as the transponder. Unlike many cars, however, Honda’s transponder is often made out of glass. This makes it more susceptible to damage over time when compared to transponders in other kinds of car keys.  If your chip has been damaged and you need a new chip programmed to your car key Extra Locksmith in Fort Worth can help you out! Call today and see how our technicians can help you get back on the road.

Fort Worth Honda Car Key Duplication

Next time you lose your car keys, do not panic. Simply Call extra Locksmith in Fort Worth. Our technicians will be able to arrive on site and determine the most affordable car key duplication method. There are many different steps our technicians can take to get the blueprint for your car key. Some Honda cars have a lock cylinder on the driver’s side floor from which a key code can be found. This key code is then converted into instructions for the technician on how to cut and program the car key from your car. Sometimes our technicians will need to get the cuts from the door of your car, and other times our technicians can get the cuts from the lock inside of the glovebox or trunk of your car.

Fob Key & Remote Service Start Service in Fort Worth

When you need to get somewhere, you need to get there. Our team of expert technicians at Extra Locksmith understands this type of situation completely and are ready to serve at a moment’s notice. So the next time that you find yourself in a situation where you cannot locate your Honda fob key, Extra Locksmith has you covered. With the proper training in certification programs as their building ground, our experts can easily and efficiently answer any problem that you have. Not even the process of reprogramming and replacing your Honda fob key and remote start will faze them. Call us up from anywhere within Fort Worth and we will be physically with you within 30 minutes. And in just 60 minutes, you will have your replacement.

Honda Ignition Services

Honda Ignition Repair

Many of the later year models of Hondas use what are known as high security, laser cut keys. The advantage of these keys are that they are difficult to duplicate and need to be programmed to your car. This makes it more challenging to steal your car. However, because of how the Honda car keys work and due to the way the ignition is built, Hondas are very susceptible to ignition failure. It is very common for Honda ignitions to deteriorate after around 150,000 miles, especially if the owner keeps a lot of weight on his or her keychain.  If you find that it is hard for you to turn your ignition to the on or accessory position, do not hesitate, call Extra Locksmith in Fort Worth today! Often times our technicians will be able to repair your ignition cylinder without needing to replace any parts, making it more affordable for you.

Honda Ignition Replacement.

Sometimes your Ignition may need to be replaced completely. If that is the case our locksmith technicians will be able to provide you with a Honda ignition replacement service in fort worth. There are different procedures our techs can use to replace your Ignition. First they have to find out if the entire Ignition Switch needs to be replaced, or if it is possible to simply replace the Ignition cylinder. Our locksmith technician will then go through the necessary steps to push on the retainer pin and take out the ignition cylinder from its housing. If they do end up replacing your ignition they will provide you new cut and programmed car keys to go along with your new ignition.

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