A locksmith service is required in a situation where you cannot gain access to your apartment, car or office. These situations usually tend to happen at those times when you are in need of access and cannot afford to be delayed. It could be as a result of a broken or misplaced key or as a result of faulty locks. Whatever the case might be, your lack of access to your property can be frustrating. It is advisable that you relax and put a call through to extra locksmith service and the rest is history

Extra locksmith service is the leading locksmith service is Saginaw, Texas. We have been known to provide quality service to our customers. Our staffs are well trained to handle any form of residential and commercial locks as well as any brand of vehicle. We have sophisticated tools and equipment at our disposal to handle any type of locks. Our years of experience have proven to be the key to our growth into the leading locksmith company we are today.

We pride ourselves on being available around the clock, yearly. Our response time is fast and you can count on us in times of emergency. Our services are delivered in a short time and you can be assured that there will be no damage to your property. Our technicians are also trained to handle cases where the old lock and replaced with a new lock. We have expertise in residential, commercial, automotive and emergency locksmith service. Below are the services we offer in their various categories;

Residential locksmith service:

  • Installation of new door locks
  • Replacement of old door with new locks
  • Rekeying of door locks
  • Repair of damaged door locks
  • Extraction of broken keys
  • Installation of smart locks
  • Replacement of old window locks with new locks
  • Repair damage to window lock

Commercial locksmith services:

  • Commercial lockout services
  • Unlocking and Repair safes
  • Installation new door lock
  • Opening and unlocking file cabinets
  • Servicing of digital lock
  • Programming and reprogramming of digital locks
  • Installation of biometric lock system

Automotive locksmith service:

  • Replacement of lost car keys
  • Replacement of broken car keys
  • Car key cutting
  • Duplicating of car keys
  • Extraction of car keys
  • Replacement and repair of ignition cylinder
  • Replacement and repair of ignition switch
  • Programming and replacement of key fobs

Emergency locksmith services:

Extra locksmith service also offers emergency services in all the categories automotive, commercial and residential locksmith service listed.

Extra locksmith service guarantees you quality service at an affordable and unbeatable price in the range of services we offer and this is why we remain the leading provider of locksmith services in Saginaw, Texas.

Fast and reliable emergency services. 30-minute arrival time or less guarantee!

service rates with dependable services that are provided by our expert Locksmith technicians.

Home Security Installation at its finest! We offer exceptionally low installation fees to help you stay secure.


See what our customers say about us

“Excellent service and exceptionally affordable prices. I needed a key made for my Nissan and thankfully Extra Locksmith was only 10 minutes away. I got an immediate response and the technician was so nice, made me feel very safe! They gave me the exact total before starting any services and there were no hidden charges. I’ll definitely used them in the future. Thank you Extra Locksmith!”


Samantha C.

Fort Worth, TX

“These guys were incredible!

I sent out a few quote requests and these guys responded first, fast, and had the best price as well! I gave them my info and they sent someone out right away.

He must have driven like a bat out of hell because he got there lightning quick, and I was grateful! When got there he identified himself and made sure I was comfortable and safe while he was working. It didn’t take long at all before I was back in my car and on my way.

Super fast, professional service and had the best price. These guys saved my behind on the rare Texas 30 degree weather day!” 

Cindy M.

Irving, TX

“Was visiting family in Fort Worth and needed a locksmith for my car, they were fast and did a good job!”

David Cambell

“Friendly and knowledgeable staff, real helpful!”

Douglas Hogan

“Calld several compnies on sunday .. No one was open finely i got extra locksmith to send a locksmith he nade me key on the spot was fast and very freindly price was very reasonable i can drive my car now!”

Stephanie Gustafson

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