Misplaced all the keys to your Audi car? Call us at Extra Locksmith. Your Audi is valuable to you, so don’t make the mistake of entrusting your Audi key services to just any locksmith out there. Extra Locksmith is your first choice for Audi Car Key Services. We know our way around this luxury vehicle. Audi car owners in Fort Worth, TX count on us to rescue them during car lockouts, lost keys and ignition problem situations. We are the first number that you must remember whenever you need an Audi locksmith company. We have the cutting-edge technology and have all knowledge about Audi’s anti-theft keys. Most locksmiths can cut you a key, but only Extra Locksmith knows Audi car security. Call us today if you are in need of Audi Key Services in Fort Worth.

Best Automotive Locksmith for Audi cars

Extra Locksmith is your preferred provider of Fort Worth Audi car key services. Audi car owners deserves the most efficient service and that’s exactly what we deliver. Time is money, and that’s why we offer the most reliable Audi car key services that won’t hurt your pocket. Should you lose all your Audi keys, your dealer will make you tow your vehicle to them. You will also wait for a week or two just to have your Audi fob key and remote start unit replaced by your dealer. Such a hassle! If you don’t want this to happen to you, call us at Extra Locksmith in Fort Worth, TX. We handle Audi car key replacements, Audi remotes and Audi Fobs. Even when you lost all your Audi keys, we can make you a new one based on your car’s unique code. Your car’s ignition won’t start? Call us whenever you have no time to spare for your Audi ignition repair. With Extra Locksmith, you can have top-notch service and expert Audi locksmith advice all in one visit. With us, you can have the same quality of fobs, keys and service as your dealer, but at a reasonable price.



















Audi Key Replacement

Extra Locksmith lets you live your life with less worries. Once you lost all your Audi keys, we can immediately make you a Audi replacement key right at home or at your office. Looking for an alternative to your Audi dealer? You are at the right place! Extra Locksmith is your go-to Fort Worth Audi locksmith. We invested in the right cutting-edge equipment and Audi-compatible software so all our keys are done right. Our expert Audi locksmiths know their way around Audi cars because of their first-hand experience. Your dealership will also charge you hundreds of dollars just for a Audi replacement key service. At Extra Locksmith, we provide affordable and high-quality Audi fob key replacements that is the same quality as the original, but are way cheaper than your dealer.

Special equipment is required in order to program your replacement key to your Audi. With the right knowledge and expertise, our locksmith technicians are able to cut and program your replacement key or fob to your Audi vehicle. There are not many locksmiths around that are capable of making Audi car keys. At Extra Locksmith, we are able to make most Audi Replacement Keys in Fort Worth. If your keys have been lost and you don’t have an extra key, call us right away so we can send an expert techncian to come help. 

Audi Car Key Duplication

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Audi car owners like you have an eye for quality. You know a good offer when you see one. Extra Locksmith offers you a win-win deal should you need Audi Key Duplication in Fort Worth, TX. There are only a few locksmiths out there that can replace your lost Audi transponder and fob keys. It is rare to find a company like Extra Locksmith that has the high-end equipment and software for Audi car key duplication. Coupled with our expert locksmiths’ first-hand knowledge working around Audi car keys, we are your best option aside from your local dealer. We understand your busy schedule that’s why we are offering the fastest and most affordable Audi key duplication and Audi auto lockout emergency rescue. Your dealer will make you wait for days, whereas with us, you will just wait for an hour or less.With us, there is no need to line up and arrange for an appointment. Just call us with your Audi car make and model and we’ll do the rest.

Best Audi Key Duplication in Fort Worth, TX

Did you suddenly find yourself lost and clueless now that you damaged your last set of Audi car keys? Don’t worry! Likewise, it’s not wise to waste your day requesting for a Audi car key replacement from your dealership. At Extra Locksmith, we value your time. We are the fastest mobile automotive locksmith in Fort Worth, TX. Audi car owners in Fort Worth, TX count on us to duplicate their Audi car transponder keys fast. Should you happen to need another spare set of Audi car keys, count on us. We have in-house stock of locks and keys for most makes and models of Audi cars. We take pride in giving efficient and honest Fort Worth Audi car key service that is a step above what our competitors can ever offer. Remember us whenever you find yourself stuck or locked out. Trust us at Extra Locksmith to get you back on the road in no time. Bookmark us now!

Automotive Locksmith Duplication Service in Fort Worth, TX

Your day is suddenly spoiled as soon as you realized that you misplaced your last set of Audi fob keys. Aside from the possibility of shelling our hundreds of bucks for a new set of Audi car keys, you will also have to tolerate cancelled appointments and lost deals. Don’t suffer! Call us instead. We do Audi key duplication at your home or office while you wait. You are our top priority. Extra Locksmith is a company ahead of the competition. We know how to work around Audi’s technology. Audi key cut and replacement of fobs is what we do. We specialize in Audi key duplication and Audi transponder key reprogramming service. Anybody with the right type of equipment can cut keys, but only a handful have the skills to do Audi ignition repair. With us, there is almost no waiting time. You are also assured that the keys that we provide you will work perfectly. At Extra Locksmith, you can have fast and affordable key duplication service that is a step above anywhere else, because you deserve nothing but the best.

Audi Fob and Remote Service

Precise Audi Fob Key and Remote Start in Fort Worth, TX

Your dealer won’t be of any help should you need Audi fobs and replacement transponder keys. When deep into the night or stuck in the middle of the highway, your dealer will just call a towing company to tow your Audi car. It will also take you days or even a week just to have that new set of Audi fob key & remote start. Not a wise choice! Good thing Extra Locksmith have in-house stocks of fob keys and transponders for most Audi models. Just call us and we’ll replace your fob key and remote start in less than an hour.
Extra Locksmith is the only company that you can trust with your Audi car. Be careful, a handful of these fly-by-night locksmiths are scammers. They will quote you pennies, only to rip you with hundreds of dollars once the job is done. You are also inadvertently giving them access to your car by unknowingly giving them a copy of your keys. This opens up an opportunity for them to steal your Audi ride. That’s the reason why whenever you need Fort Worth Audi car key services, you must call nobody else but Extra Locksmith.

Reliable Automotive Locksmith Service for Audi cars

Don’t make the mistake letting another locksmith damage your car with faulty Audi ignition repair. Whenever you need a replacement or a new Audi fob key and remote start in Fort Worth, TX, remember our number. Extra Locksmith offers you affordable and top-notch Audi car key replacement. Your Audi can only be opened with high-end locksmith techniques. Extra Locksmith is known as one of the most reliable and high-tech provider of emergency automotive services in Fort Worth, TX. We operate round-the-clock to rescue trapped and frustrated Audi car owners. Entrust to us your Audi car if you don’t want to wait and to spend hundreds of bucks at your local dealership. You can have affordable Audi car key replacement quote with us. Should you happen to misplace all your Audi keys and fob, we can rescue you in 15-30 minutes. Our team of licensed and bonded locksmith can duplicate your fob key while you wait. There is likewise no guesswork involved as we will give you a price estimate before we show up. Call us with your car’s make and model and we’ll give you a quote right there and then. We are the only locksmith that can help you out for every car locks and keys problem that you will ever encounter. At Extra Locksmith, keys is what we do, security is what we give.

Call our customer service department today to have an Emergency Fort Worth Locksmith come to you right away or to schedule an appointment. We look forward to serving you.

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