Vehicle Anti-Theft SystemVehicle Anti-Theft System

Did you know two cars get stolen every minute in the United States? Hundreds of thousands of stolen cars end up in the black market. Auto theft is the costliest crime against property in the country, costing Americans more than $8 billion yearly. Car thieves send new models abroad and strip older models down to their components.

We would be lying if we said that we could guarantee your car wouldn’t get stolen. However, what we can assure you here at Extra Locksmith is reducing the chances of a thief taking over your automobile. There are more ways to avoid car theft. A combination of mechanical and electronic vehicle security systems has bolstered automobile security and prevented auto theft attempts.

Many of our callers inquire about vehicle anti-theft system.

The inquiry is usually either about wanting to have car alarm systems installed or wanting to have a vehicle anti-theft device repaired. We handle anti-theft systems installation and repair any time of the day. Any 24-hour locksmith at Extra Locksmith takes inquiries and attends to your concern, whether it’s a busted car alarm or alarms that go off randomly.

Let’s face the brute fact. A car is the most expensive asset you have next to your house. It’s wise to secure it to protect your investment. Solutions are affordable, and many clients swear the added level of security anti-theft systems give is worth every penny

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Our Fort Worth locksmith services include installing and repairing vehicle anti-theft systems. We can tell you about different ways of making your car theft proof.

The widely used means to deter automobile thieves is to install a car alarm system. Car alarms have evolved through the years to address the growing concerns in security. New components include rf signal receivers, motion detectors, and pressure sensors.

Most car alarm systems are equipped with portable keychain transmitters, which transmit signals to a computer control unit. Of course, you also hear of shock sensors, motion and tilt sensors, pressure sensors, and door sensors. Manufacturers have added these features to reduce car theft risk.

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