Transponder Keys: Enhancing Automobile Security

Transponder Keys

Extra locksmith in DFW receives inquiries about automotive transponder keys. We are to be able aid with these devices.

Virtually all car models use transponder keys, which offer greater security to car owners. The added feature these modern keys have make it harder for robbers or criminals to start your car.

The word “transponder” is a combination of “transmitter” and “responder.” A transponder key is equipped with a radio frequency (rf) transmitter. Vehicles that use transponder keys have a receiver adjacent to the ignition switch. Pressing the key releases the low-frequency signal that the car detects.

Is your car equipped with a transponder key? While you may ask one of our FOB key service technicians, you can look for indications.

Transponder keys have thicker plastic parts. Another way to test if the car key has a transponder is if it doesn’t start your car when you cover it layers of tin foil. Of course, cost is another indication. Extra Locksmith is known for our affordable prices and will be there to help you without compromising the quality of the service.

Remote control transmitters have become a standard in automobile security. Do you want to inquire about transponder keys? Or do you need factory keyless entry remotes for your Cadillac, Ford, or Chevrolet? Do you own an Acura or Nissan that needs a smart key? If so contact us.

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The growing cases of car theft have alarmed manufacturers.

Adding different levels of security to cars have become the norm in automobile manufacturing, and many buyers also look for these features.

Transponder keys are one of these safety and security features. Their main purpose is to keep criminals from hot wiring your car. Transponder key programming involves matching signal frequency to the frequency the receiver needs. This way, only the right key can open and start the car.

Extra Locksmith of Fort Worth will tell you that anyone can get anyone’s keys copied. While duplicating, keys is necessary for practical purposes, its pitfalls come in play when the wrong people make copies of these keys. A transponder key, however, makes the task of stealing your car harder. When someone tries to hot wire your car using a copied key, it will not start if the car doesn’t recognize the signal.