Commercial Digital Lock Installation

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Extra Locksmith has provided the highest quality Commercial Locksmith Services in Fort Worth for many years. Our proven history, credentials, and convenient store front location at 911 N Sylvania Ave #180 Fort Worth make us your number one resource for keys, locks and security systems. With total dedication and accurate timeframes to solving your unique security issues, Extra Locksmith delivers the best repair and installation services in the state. We assure you that our locksmiths are highly trained and well experienced when it comes to providing the best locksmith services in Fort Worth. As a matter of fact, we have a lot of property management companies that rely on our professional Commercial Locksmith Services to manage their key systems, computer generated master key systems, emergency rekeys, as well as Digital Lock Installation and Repair.

High security locks like commercial digital locks improve your property’s security and safety with features like avoidance to drilling, forcing and picking. These improved security measures make the Digital Lock Installation more challenging. When you need installation or service for a high security digital lock, you need the Best Commercial Locksmith like Extra Locksmith.

5 Things You Need to Know When Getting a Digital Door Lock

1. Battery Powered

Digital door locks still work during blackouts. This is contrary to what many people think and one of the main hesitations most people have when planning to switch to digital door locks since most digital door locks work on batteries. Most digital door lock system also has a warning light that lights up when the battery reaches its critical levels.

2. Installation Help is Important

Digital locks need professional help in installation. Not every gate or door will fit each digital door lock model. That’s why a Professional Lock Installation is essential. Good thing our locksmiths are all trained and experienced to give you the best 24 hour Professional Locksmith.

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3. Extra Locksmith is Just a Call Away

We come with a free hotline so there’s nothing to fear when your digital door lock seems not to work well. Call us now and enjoy our excellent customer care service.

4. The Start of Automation

They can be integrated to an automation system. With the use of a high end controlling technology, your digital door lock can be accessed straight from your phone application. Moreover, your sensors, security devices, cameras as well as other home automation can also be linked to this hub.

5. Security Booster

Digital locks are much safer than normal locks. Most digital door lock brands come with an alarm system that activates when intruders try to break in. There’s also the faked pin function that identifies your pin code after random numbers have been tried so that nobody can be able to steal your pin. In addition, digital door locks come with a touch screen keypad without mechanical buttons, which makes it hard to trace your pin code.

If you’re searching for an experienced locksmith in Fort Worth, who is knowledgeable about almost all security systems and locking mechanisms, you have found it. Extra Locksmith has a professional team of technicians that have proved their usefulness through providing effective and efficient locksmith services. Our reliable locksmiths are trained professionals, updated about the major lock brands available in the market and they are able to provide high quality services with the use of our latest locksmith technology.

For affordable Digital Lock Installation and Repair in Fort Worth, Call Extra Locksmith Now!

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