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If you need a simple yet reliable form of communication and an easy way to control access to your business or home, then intercom systems are the most effective and advanced technology available. At Extra Locksmith, we provide high quality Intercom system installation and professional Intercom repair in Fort Worth perfect for residences, institutions and businesses. Our company features high end intercom brands in the locksmith industry. Our intercom systems are in the most state of the art technology that provides high quality audio communication in all installed places. Our Professional Locksmiths are highly trained in intercom installation for commercial and residential use, which usually include video/audio components, connections through phone lines, as well as front door access control.

Our Competitive Service

We assure you that our skilled team of Commercial locksmith service technicians will arrive on the site on time. They will help you decide which intercom system is best suited for your home, institution, or office. Our hardware is guaranteed to be highly fuctional, all our products are brand new, and our operative systems can completely cater any of your security and safety concerns. Our most trusted technicians are effective and efficient in the installation process and they will make sure that your intercom systems are properly installed. Our professional locksmiths will also give you a detailed instruction on how to use and take good care of your intercom system/s.

Professional Commercial Locksmith In Fort Worth

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What You Should Expect From Us:

  • A wide selection of intercom systems to choose from
  • Accurate Intercom diagnosis in Fort Worth
  • Our technicians are all trained in the most advance technology and will teach you on how to use the system effectively
  • Installation of master stations and substations for complete intercom system control
  • Installation of door access control systems, audio intercom, and audio-video intercom
  • Wireless or wired systems depending on client’s preference, as well as the presence of existing wall strength and wiring
  • Maintenance after successful installation and detailed instruction regarding the correct usage of intercom system
  • Weather resistant outdoor stations when necessary


Typically, wireless systems are the most preferred intercom system nowadays. However, if a wired system is otherwise needed, the installation usually differs. Wired intercom systems are installed via phone wire and a dialup connection. All wiring is then hidden under floor joints and through walls so that no loose wires will be hanging around. Good thing our highly skilled technicians are experienced with this kind of intercom system installation. Because of that, we assure you that we can offer the Best Locksmith service in Fort Worth.

To know more about Extra Locksmiths affordable locksmith services, you can visit our store front at 911 N Sylvania Ave #180 Fort Worth and let us help you find the best intercom system for your property.

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