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Affordable and High Quality Residential Biometric Lock Installation and Repair Service

Biometric locks also known as fingerprint locks provide an advanced, safer system for residential access control. Even the Federal Government has been using this cutting-edge technology for many years because they know it is one of the safest locks today’s market can offer. If you believe biometric lock access control is the best for your home and business, Extra Locksmith is just a call away to help keep your loved ones and property safe.

Affordable Residential Biometric Lock Installation

Biometric locks are the latest invention in security technology, offering more reliable access control and safety for homes. Extra Locksmith offers affordable yet high quality biometric lock installation and repair services in Fort Worth and surrounding areas.

Biometric locks use individual features in order to identify people trying to enter your premises. Biometric door locks give both residential and commercial clients additional security as it is way more difficult (if not impossible) to duplicate a fingerprint, compared to reproducing an actual key.

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High Quality Residential Locksmith Service in Fort Worth

Extra Locksmith assures our customers that we only use top brand and high quality biometric door locks. The most popular biometric locks used in residential and commercial applications are fingerprint door locks that store and identify the fingerprints of the visitor to allow entry. This means fingerprint locks access control doesn’t require any physical key, all you need to access the home or building is your bare hands. Biometric locks can also have keypad entry door locks for more accessibility options. It can be integrated and combined with electronic access control systems.

Professional Biometric Lock Installation and Repair Services

Extra Locksmith offers professional biometric lock services for residential and commercial use. We can give you advice on which certain biometric locks are best for your business or home, and then perform an installation with least disruption to your daily activities. We can also replace or repair malfunctioning and faulty biometric locks.

If you have a large residential area or company, we can surely assist you with the right design for your security solutions and integrate them with biometric locks and other components of your overall system as well. We will help you choose the most effective biometric fingerprint deadbolts or door locks according to your specific needs and budget.

The old days of forcing or picking lock cylinders are gone. It’s time to switch to biometric locks for your home’s security and safety. Call Extra Locksmith today for a professional lock installation and repair service.

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