Let Extra Locksmith’s Above Average Locksmith Industry Services Bring You Only The Best Locksmith Experience!

Ever since security issue rose up hundreds of years ago, experts thought of making devices to secure any door types, restricting them from being opened without the owner’s knowledge.
Since early designs of locks were bulky and hard for anyone to install to a door or even carry, manufacturers reduced the size of the lock’s components and made it into a portable security device, which anyone can afford.
Since a lock can be opened by its key aside from breaking the entire lock, the destruction or the loss of any specified key that comes with the lock became a problem to many. This situation became so popular that some people saw its possibility as a means of business – just like Extra Locksmith. These professionals who chose a career to pick unopened locks were referred to as locksmiths.
Extra Locksmith’s main job is to open any lock and key related concerns including corrosion, loss of the key, or any situations where the lock was stuck with the use of advanced technology locksmith equipment. However, aside from this job, we also specialize in reproducing keys for a certain lock, restoring a damaged or worn out set of key and lock, or duplicating keys with the use of our state of the art and above industry standard rekeying equipment.
A company such as Extra Locksmith is a company that is expert in lock and key related services that are offered 24/7 anytime of the year, offers market-popular high quality branded locks, as well as can attend to any lock related emergencies immediately for an affordable price. Our company is composed of professional locksmiths only that specialize in solving general lock problems using only the best quality locksmith equipment available in the market. Our locksmiths can install, repair, unlock and even upgrade any kinds of locks at your office, car, home, motorcycle, as well as manually or digitally operated safe. Some of the ways we offer for the security and safety of your property is through our:

•    Residential locksmith services
•    Commercial locksmith services
•    Automotive locksmith services
•    Emergency locksmith services

Most of our locksmith services are available to condo, school, apartment, townhouse residents, homeowners, vehicle owners, as well as businessmen. Each call we receive varies – but our ability to complete your request doesn’t. If you need us to repair, install, or rekey certain locks, we’ll perform our expertise right away while showcasing our above industry standard equipment, to make sure the maximum security level is employed.